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Greetings to all -smiles some.- I am Jaqui... I am a Twenty-Four year old Native American of Mohave and Chemehuevi descent. I am one who loves to write poetry and I have been writing since I was 12. I am on another website but am under my full name not pen name. If you want to know more just ask. I love the family that I have left, though many are no more, and have gone on to be with the creator. I miss them all so much each and everyday. What family I have left, I cherish them. I love my sisters and my brothers so much and I am thankful that they still remain with me. I am engaged to be married sometime down the road to an amazing man whom has become to light in the darkness I hid in. I never knew the true meaning of love until he came into my life. So much more can be said about my loved ones, but for now, their meaning is written in poetry..


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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

BeeJaiJaqui’s Poems (103)

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Title Comments
Just A Game 0
Happy Birthday, Favorite! 0
Real Feelings 0
Hurting 0
Only Human 0
Returning Family 0
Only Be A Friend 0
A Birthday Wish For A Special Person 0
No Longer Happy 0
Keeping -You- Safe 0
My Angel 0
Confused 0
Can't Stop... 0
Within Turmoil 0
Defiance 0
Things 0
Opening Up 0
My Apology... 0
Why Am I....? 0
The Hidden Fear... 0
Memories and Dreams, Hopes And Things. 2
Dark Raven 1
Today Is Real 0
Loved and Lost 0
Loosing Hope 0
Thoughts 0
My Hero 1
Time and His Love 1
I Look.... 0
Forever My Sisters 0
Always and Forever 1
You Took Everything 1
Farewell To Him 0
Love Forever 1
Three Gone 0
I Love You More 0
When Two Hearts Meet 0
One Last Time 0
No More Happiness 0
Dark Guardian Angel 0
Letting Go 0
I Am 0
Darkness is Here 0
Your Last Breath 0
Your Choices 0
You're My Friend 1
You WIll Never Be Forgotten 0
You Will Be Hurt -2
You Will Always Use Me 0
You Only Get One Chance 0
You Look At Me 2
You Are Missed 0
Without You 0
Why 1
When You Go Home 0
When We Were Tight 0
Whatever Happens 0
What I May Be 0
We Miss You 0
To Be 0
Time 0
The Way You Hurt Me 0
The Three I Lost 1
The Lost Child In Me 1
The Life of an O.G. 2
The Life I Share 0
The Last Good-Bye 0
The Last Chance 0
The Final Good-Bye 0
Something's On My Mind 0
Running Away 2
Pain TOO Great 1
Our Love 0
One Day At A Time 0
My Sister 0
My Love For You 0
My Love 0
My Little Friend 1
My Life 0
My First, My Last 0
My 1 True Friend 0
My #1 Best Friend 0
My Favorite Cousin 0
Just One More GOD 1
It's Time 0
I'm Not A Girl 2
I Remember... 0
I Knew and Still 0
Here One Day, Gone The Next 0
Gone With HE 0
GOD and Sun 0
Forget What Was Said 0
Forever 0
Empty Spaces 0
Cousins 4 Life 0
Class of 2005 0
Changes 0
Betrayer 0
August 29, 2002 0
As The Days Past By 0
Am I In Love? 1
Always, Never 0
A Wish To Be A Cat 3