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I began writing at a tender age. I do not consider myself a pro. I am just me sharing my words and thoughts of life, love, dismay, happiness and loss with the world. Through life I have come to many cross roads and a couple I have made the wrong choices that caused great pain. Without this pain I would not be who I am today. I fallow the spirits and hope that my peoms and writings will help others understand what they may be going through and that they're not alone. Life is not imposible or meant to be painful.
"To love life is to live it."


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Just stoppin' by sayin' " Hi " To Good Friends!!! Be Well... Remain Blessed!!! Love & Light, Tierra @ }-'-,

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(░) `O. ¸¸. ✲. ¸. o´¯`¸. o´¯`❄¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸.✲´¯`o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸❄。`O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄。 ¨¯`*✲.... ¸. o´¯`o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄. ¸ (░) ´*。✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。 ❄ SPLAT**The start of Snowball Fight 2010! Happy Holidays! Bear



LOL if I knew how to do those sym you would get it back. Slushy of Course LOL



Cool! Hold your mouse's left clicker down while you highlight the sym's, let go of clicker. leaving sym's highighted, then click right side of mouse clicker and click *copy*...then wherever you'd like to leave sym' there and then click right again, then click *paste*... then it's done. Bear

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

Shadowwalker’s Poems (35)

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Title Comments
Giving 2
In her Eyes 4
Keep Dreaming 1
Until 2
Are You Willing 1
Us 1
Never Ending 1
My Dreams 2
An Endless Vision 1
The Artist Dream 6
One Came Home 6
My Best Friend 2
Maiden 6
Loves Steps 4
Love 1
Lost 1
Longing 2
I Know 4
Grandma's Words 1
Freedom 1
Dare to Dream 2
Could Be Me 4
Candy Kisses 3
Can You #1 3
Bobbie 1
Betrayal 2
Alone 2
Wasted Words 1
A Time to heal 1
A single Rose 4
A Dream 2
ButterFly Kisses 5
The Rose 2
The Raven 6
Secret Lover 8