He always lets me know exactly how he feels
He lets me know how beautiful I am and that I belong to him
He believes I am his soul-mate...
He makes me feel like the queen I am, he adores me
He is my infinity, my forever, my no-end
His hunger for my love and attention is all powerful
I wake up next to him every morn, knowing this is real
He stands by me always having my back
He dreams of me, misses me, let's me see how much he cares...
The way he stares into my eyes, he talks to my heart
He's not ashamed of loving me
He's so seductive, freaky, loving, passionate, and giving
Every time we make love, our souls are connected...
Every time we kiss, we become one breath...
Every time we touch, we become the air...
He has left a keepsake on my walls deep within
His fingerprints has engraved themselves onto my skin
His tongue makes its home within my cavern
His manhood approaches the front door of our getaway spot
And as he enters, he sighs with relief that he can finally drop his load
His arms gather me like gold as he polishes my every circumference
His teeth shine as he smiles with enlightenment
He devours my everything as if I am his prey...
My heart skips beats as he licks my cherry
He drains my ocean dry with the lapping of his tongue...
And as he looks into my eyes, I am mesmerized by his emotions
His voice lies upon my ears as the dew lies upon a leaf...
Warm and husky as it penetrates my every limb
I can't get enough of his passion, his awareness, his love
As he grips me and puts me in bondage...
I have no choice but to accept all that he is giving me...
I sigh....
He is my gift.....

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redbloodink commented on "Him"


I liked this just wish the words were bigger in print... be bold be loud... a story told should be easy to read.... I truly liked the sultry spice tho.... red

dahlusion commented on "Him"


"He devours my everything as if I am his prey... My heart skips beats as he licks my cherry" — Wow! Very hot!" "He drains my ocean dry with the lapping of his tongue..." — more women should express themselves like this instead of being uninhibited. Tasty write!



thank u dahlusion 4 ur commnt... glad u njoyd my write...

BraveMoon commented on "Him"


. ehm hm mm, encore...!?



thnks bravemoon... glad u njye it... i always try 2 write wat i truly feel or hav felt @ sum prt of my life... thnk u...

poetikkk commented on "Him"


I really enjoyed this!!!!!!!!!!Very erotic and full of passionate feeling that is amost like one deep moaning embrace. You express yourself so truelly and with such love whoever was in your mind and arms on this poem was deeply gratified and lucky. I could feel jealous. Keep it up.



thnks poetikkk... my hrt us n evrythng i write... if not, wat's da use n writing... thnks again 4 ur feedbck, it mns a grt deal 2 me....

dragonfly1023 commented on "Him"


from beginning to end this is a great write. your love and passion for this man can be no clearer. "Every time we kiss, we become one breath...Every time we touch, we become the air...He has left a keepsake on my walls deep within" excellent lines TheInspiration. erotic and oh so fine. :D



thnk u sooooo much dragonfly1023... ur wrds mean a whole lot 2 me... i'm so plsd u njoy my writes... thnk u...

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