Always By Your Side


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    Always By Your Side

    Untouched by the elements of time, embedded within my soul,
    Deep within my spirit, live images of memories that have come to pass;
    Un-faded, desired to be relived, in memory of your honor, for all you had to give.
    Take my hand my child; let me keep you safe from evils harm.
    Protect your fragile spirit from deceitful wicked charm.
    Never doubt the gifts you have, my child, nurture them with love.
    Bountiful shall be your fruits; when nurtured in patience, faith and love.
    Come hear my words of wisdom.
    Come sit upon my knee.
    I’ll tell you of your roots.
    The meaning of our surname; how it came to be.
    Sit my child hear my words, live not in ignorance wrath.
    Your surname bares the fruit of wisdom, dignity, and honor be its’ mindful path.
    Reynolds be rooted in the wisdom; born of ruling kings of ancient old.
    A name of strength and courage, embedded within your soul.
    Honor it, embrace it; dare yourself be bold,
    It is a name of strength and courage; let your truth be told.
    Daddy you run to fast.
    My little feet can’t keep the pace.
    Daddy, slow down!
    I need to see the joy upon your face.
    Daddy, slow down no longer do I want to race!
    Daddy, slow down I need for you to hold me,
    Once more I need to feel your loving grace.
    Daddy take my hand, please don’t let it go.
    I am ready to walk in step with you; to the rhythm of your soul.
    Let me not be separate, I promise I’ll do as I am told.
    Has your journey ended?
    Has your spirit crossed the great divide?
    But mine is just beginning here on the other side.
    I reach; I reach to take your hand….
    My child calm your anxious spirit, fret not just let things be.
    It is mere illusion; that your spirit not be with me.
    Call upon my wisdom; it’s etched within your heart.
    Surname of ruling kings; our love has no boundaries.
    We’ll never be a part.
    Take my hand my child.
    There be no great divide.
    I stand here by you still.
    In silence we shall walk.
    I be your spirit guide.

    Copyright 2007

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    famous commented on Always By Your Side


    I can picture GOD saying this to us HIs children. Wonderful poem!

    Drivingczar commented on Always By Your Side


    Another excellent write for us to enjoy! Thank you!

    ncsassyrn commented on Always By Your Side


    You can feel the spirit in your words. Very nice !

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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