The Agony of Mary Magdalene


  • Lost Love

    The Agony of Mary Magdalene

    The night was calm and peaceful, eucalyptus filled the air.
    Waiting by the Jordon shores, I wore lavender and jasmine woven within my hair.
    Anxiously I waited for my beloved to consummate our love.
    We chose to deny this god of man;
    Failing to recognize our union; asking us to forsake our love.
    I saw the tempest clouds rise on the horizon; raging winds began to blow.
    I chose to ignore the signs of fate that awaited my beloved; I refused to let him go.
    Shadows crept upon me, the Muses were at my back;
    Haunting me with thoughts of his demise;
    His end was growing near, his time of death upon me, the loss I always feared.
    Confirmed by his mother, the pain etched upon her brow.
    I knew his time had come; his time of death was now.

    Resonating like thunder was the hammer upon the nail.
    The tearing of his flesh; his skin grew pale and ashen, his body limp and frail.
    Etched upon my spirit; a rape of heart and soul;
    I witnessed the death of my beloved; the man who completes me,
    the man who makes me whole.
    With tears of desperate sorrow, oils and herbs of the earth, I anointed his temple.
    I cleansed and wrapped his broken body, in the finest silken linen;
    His love is of the heavens, he be not of this earth.
    Nestled safe within my womb was the fruit of our love;
    Fruit of his loins a joy I wished to share with him, a joy I’d not yet spoken of.
    Engraved above our hearts, I chose the number three.
    He knew not of the fruit, nourished by my fertility.
    I brushed the hair from his face.
    I saw the markings of the crown.
    I kissed his precious lips.
    I lay my body down.
    My life had no rhyme or reason,
    It’s meaning silenced by his death.
    Empty, void of all life I sank to the abyss;
    The dark and endless hole; for without his love,
    I am without a soul.
    His head upon my breast, my soul began to weep.
    I held him close to my heart and rocked us both to sleep

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    Drivingczar commented on The Agony of Mary Magdalene


    So spiritual yet so human. Springing to life imagery. fantastic write.

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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