Between the L&N lies Metaphysical...


  • nature
  • is adjacent to the sun and moon.....can life get any more creative

Poem Commentary

For it happened, the intellectual lynx and I have collaborated on a poem I trust will suffice as sucess...

Between the L&N lies Metaphysical...

"Within the metaphysical nature of the world
lies reality, lying is our senses absurb
our senses observe a bright sun, the nerves
within our body we feel warmth, the verb I curve
As my reasoning transgress subjectiveness
I manifest that this truth is only a vivid guess
only in livid jest I welcome this nonetheless
for my vessel is weak at best, it's eyes are senseless..."

"Within the metaphysical links my vessel syncs
the transcendent entity with latent belief
for the senses achieve such vivid reality
but this reprieve shall die, causality
In this mentality of awakening casualty
the soul shall gladly beckon phenomenality
Lets suppose in this immaculate prose
that the smell of the red rose is left as I decompose..."

(L)"Endless potential begets the differential
between my physical and the mental visual"
(N)"Within this mental visual lies the third eye
seeing truth between the two that my vessel disguise"
(L)"In these two brown seas of emotive cleaved
I reserve my eminent structure for my dreams
where I control all things, my kinetics are king
unseen the blind site I'm a part of all things"
(N)"Depart the earth's seams, between I lie dormant
the sleep is the scheme, for awake I find boring
touring the infinite void forever storming
the gift's a curse lets reverse it's calming"

(L) Sound travels swiftly within my entities
(N) Within it's waves it opens doors to infinity
(L) this eternal imagery is lost to epiphany
(N) lost to gestures inclined specifically
(L) Vividly I see green leaves on the dead tree
(N) the rays of sunshine scatter through on me
(L) blind me like the senses should be to reality
(N) this feeling paradoxial, may I mimic the dead tree
(L) I question angles ever comfortably
(N) I welcome angles metaphorically
(L) I am the rustic melody of transcendence
(N) I am not the trifle consistency of foolishness
(L) Insistence on your level of interest, persist
(N) Persist to resist said truth, diminish.

In this metaphysical collaboration of mentals
thus said the ritual is false as one follows
become the said ONE, mathmatics is flawless
unless becoming some, as within you progress
transgress and manifest a tryst with the abyss
for within my fist lies three lines to form this
the letter M, the the letter missed
but made up thus as this, metaphysics...

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WordSlinger commented on Between the L&N lies Metaphysical...


This is completely great, so much wisdom, and strength, ty Ws

knight4696 commented on Between the L&N lies Metaphysical...


Nature - You and Lynx need to write a book together! You guys are on a whole different level then most!! An Unbelievably creative and unique, well crafted write! :) Ken

koolmom0 commented on Between the L&N lies Metaphysical...


This is totally amazing. I don't know how the two of you put this wonderful piece together, but I sure hope you do it again. Kool

danmartyjake1 commented on Between the L&N lies Metaphysical...


This was an interesting collaboration. I enjoyed reading it and delving into its mysteries....

blackfootlady commented on Between the L&N lies Metaphysical...


Wow ,that was the longest poem I've read so far. very well done.God bless

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