• Inner Self
    • nature
    • is adjacent to the sun and moon.....can life get any more creative

    Poem Commentary

    Me, plain and simple singularity


    In the beginning there's me, from the tip of my melon I become
    ripened fruit so plush in reflux it succumbs
    as I spit toxic conundrums from my varied slum
    the reticents I remember from a tree I'm flung
    Into the sands of time, my miraculous mind
    shift phases as seasons from divine sublime
    spring to summer as winter falls under my prime
    I am me, nature, various in my design.
    Why? me, a marveled symphony confined
    the song of my being serenades the straight line
    to the motions of waves like the seas I walk upon
    till I lie in my darkness, void of all around.
    Me, meticulous empathy
    Me,mysterious entity
    Me, the most empowered force in my singularity.
    From a clot, a fluid white dot, I become me
    implode as I expand to fill the emptiness
    space is now complete as my thought manifest
    this is me now, encompassed in poetic flesh
    my soul is transcendent before my beginning
    as my vessel in God's hands molded my prison
    I suffice in believing his reasoned decision
    was to make me see all conflicting dimensions.
    Me...myself and I are unity
    Unified as the heat of my sun join moon beams
    eclipse my beckoning personality, chi
    in lieu of my pops, whom I shall not be
    in the tilt of my seas, pouring forth my simplicity
    mimicked not, for in the mirror is only me.
    See me......see me form my community
    harmonious in company of shadowed epiphany
    struck my mind in casualty in causality
    I cannot find the meaning or where it lives free
    but I welcome the paradox and all its reprieve
    but the question does not reside in poems of Me.

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    am2anangel commented on Me....


    great write the comparisons to nature were so vivid and really brought this piece to life. very well done. -Tonya

    1990lh commented on Me....


    wow nature you truely are something else. you spoke with such power, but you did so nonchalantly.i think this poem is so amazing because it's you. So many ppl myself included if you ask thm who they are you would get a vague answer. but wow you are so confident in who you know you are. 10 from me the content is too profound not to give u a 10

    simplypeace commented on Me....


    really enjoyed this. such colorful word combinations....great flow. loved it. 10!

    Crush commented on Me....


    "...but i welcome the paradox and all it's reprieve..." very nice, had to read it twice to soak in all the colour. i give it a nine.



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    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.