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GUYS HERE'S A STORY I JUST WROTE (OR A CHAPTER ANYWAY)EVERYONE READ IT PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATCHA THINK? PLZ MESSAGE ME WITH WHAT YOUR OPINION OF MY CHAPTER! THANKS AND HAS A NICE DAY! ^-^ :A child walks down the broken street looking around at the damage, wondering what happened, and where everyone is. A small bitter breeze blows against her flushed cheeks as she watches always watches for someone else. "I am Luna a child of the moon, my daddy left, my mommy left, and soon I will leave too..." she sings ever so softly so there is some sound. There is a noise to her left behind her, she turns around and out jumps a puppy, a tired, hungry, hurt puppy. She sighs sadly and watches the puppy dig in the ruble for something to eat, then slowly continues on.
What the girl-child does not know is that she's being followed ever so silently and ever so diligently, by a woman dressed in all black. The woman walked noiselessly behind Luna trying to figure out where the dirty, hungry, girl-child was heading. She tossed a treat to the dog that then ate it quickly and vocally, then quickly hid as the girl turned around. She watched as Luna looked at the dog smiled wistfully and then turned around singing softly words she could not comprehend from such a distance from her. She sighed wishing she could help the child but did as she’d been ordered to and followed her silently.
The woman’s shoulder blades twitch constantly reminding her of what she is and why she is following this little girl. She watches as a single apple unknowingly floats to the puppy and falls gently, like a leaf, down in front of the puppy. She smiles and starts moving slowly towards the girl, reaching out wanting to touch her but pulls back, and is shocked when the girl turns around and smiles at her. “Hello, I’m luna, what’s your name?” The woman is speechless as she stares at the child in surprise. “You can see me?” Luna nods.
“My name is….”she thinks quickly, “I have no name….” Luna looks thoughtful and looks around, then looks up at the woman and says, “Then you’re name shall be angel. Angel why were you following me?” angel tried to think of something to say to her to distract her but could not think of a single thing to say. Angel looks around, “Child would you walk with me and the puppy? Down through the ruins of a once great city?” Luna nods and whistles to the puppy and starts walking through the ruble with angel and the puppy as companions. As they walk through the city, leaping over rubble, looking at all the destruction, they talk quietly about themselves.
Angel stopped as they came to one really badly destroyed street and looks down at Luna, “child this is where you were left as a baby…” she looks around at the ruins of the once beautiful peaceful neighborhood and thinks back to that day. “your mother cried as she lay you gently in a hand woven basket down in front of the door of a barren child-less family, and kissed you on the forehead before knocking on the door and leaving…” the child looked shocked as she looked around the demolished surroundings. “This is my home?” she asked quietly and looked forlorn as angel shook her head no.


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Nice job on the story and GOD YOUR OLD LUNA 122 ha ha good story



haha thx and I'm only 18 jj :P

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Good job on the story! It's wonderful, keep working on it! I'd like to see how it continues :) -Bets

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well good job luna it shows imagination has a an interesting story line and invites suspense i like it

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Hi and thanks for the friend invite:)

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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