Looking through the eyes of the missing lynx....


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  • is adjacent to the sun and moon.....can life get any more creative

Poem Commentary

A poem not to be taken at face value immediately, for the testament is for a friend lost in mute space..may he find his way back to the light of day and smile once again upon us with his words...Gonna miss you man, perhaps you will find this poem one day...

Looking through the eyes of the missing lynx....

Bent..or broken... lies my heart in a puddle of bloodless emotion
felt...such a notion... as it is left here for dead from life's devotion, to see my esteem fall short of the mean, of averages I see as I hope for my dreams, to come true in the rue of the listless gleam, in my sight unforeseen through the steam convened. Truth, this is not me to wallow in sorrow, may I borrow another's mind until I reach tomorrow, for in the sunlight lies my hopes to follow, escaping darkness of my tempting hollow. Point made, piercing through the hole in my brain, thoughts leak what a shame, of the succubus unnamed, a fortunate claim as my soul remains. How hollow is the vessel untamed? to live life for glorious maintain, I shan't understand, how wicked the plan is, escaping pain on this mundane plane of realities prey. I pray to Allah let me forth your wisdom, for this prison in affect overlooks my kingdom, as tempting treasons like love are not reasons, to covet a woman so tainted and missing, I beg to differ for loss is just that, once had then left to find the new grass dead, not regrettably so for I know what we had, but strength was needed to exist beyond the lily pad....for lynx I understand why you're sad, this storied testament's of something I never had, but all things come to and end, in this I am glad, for you shall transform into greatest nomad...Perhaps I am wrong, may this song suffice false, for the truth I know exist within you, i just wanted to write an ode to my muse, your poems so incredibly new in me grew, manifest as if two beings as one, this woman we spoke of only eclipsed your sun, but the moon shall pass to other beings succumbed, but your light shall shine on...she wasn't the one

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Aubreyiris commented on Looking through the eyes of the missing lynx....


beautiful. what happened to your friend? I hope he was ok. This poem mad me sad. I was/is in love with someone named Lynx who I lost. Ive written many poems about him.

1990lh commented on Looking through the eyes of the missing lynx....


damn is all i can say, i know i late reading this i hope his hear has heal somewhat by now, but a broken heart is the wound that is hardest to heal.But wow to this poem, you did him justice. peace and love to ya both

Musicmynded1 commented on Looking through the eyes of the missing lynx....


Hopefully he will find it.. it is very appealing on many a different aspects.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.