The Jewel of Emanon Subplots and Suffice..


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    Poem Commentary

    Indeed another collaboration by the marvelous lynx and I, nature..this is more of a story in metaphor with perhaps a deeper meaning if you so incline...

    The Jewel of Emanon Subplots and Suffice..

    In route to find the jewel of ascension
    the lighted dimension I have always sought for attention
    to bring the vivid flair and detail
    to bring my spell to fruition, the light intails
    So well my thought brings about a perfect utopia
    like the opus sings so perfect together
    as my vessel so weathers the storm I'll feel better
    when the jewel is in my hands, defeating all evil
    Lynx, I see you with my third eye's purpose
    highlighting the sky with darker surfaces
    as your footsteps impose your darkness
    my swift wings flap close in to stop this
    For you see I am nature, composed of many things
    seen and unseen I control with imagery
    the earth, wind, fire, and water are in symmetry
    the elements within, my third eye's chemistry
    Let me stop you right there in the midst of your third eye
    as you see me, I see you, surprised?
    I hope not, for your sake as I watch you migrate
    and watch you imitate the elements you speculate
    I chase the jewel of descension, walking through dimensions
    my footsteps in your perception, are for means of invention
    I too have a plan in mind so sublime
    my thoughts flow in rhyme to create my paradigm
    darkness composed of livid flows of decline
    as the dark is my constant, my force is divine
    Nature to your path I manifest a laugh
    as this impasse between you and I will not last
    disposing the light, my chaos will pierce through
    I shall use all the power I have to beat you
    controlling time and space, thus limited in this race
    so the unseen and seen I shall use in it's place
    leaving nothing....
    Allow me to speak freely chaotic entity
    talk as you may for I know you see me
    I shall suffice and leave the dark empty
    of all you confess to impose in beating me
    So quaint you are, the meticulous pawn
    but a fly on a falling wall, you won't get far
    call me what you will, chaos I am
    beautiful nonetheless, now watch me win

    Between time and space I travel
    displace and unravel the light he shines upon my shadow
    the road is long, his current is strong
    he is my opposite in strength, I move on
    the jewel is the key, I must win the race
    once my hand touches it, all is in place
    the dark shall overcome and exist everywhere
    the only light existing is the glow in my stare
    as my angels shall send the universe in despair
    all the living, dead, and inbetween indulge my nightmare.(L)

    Amongst the elements I fly
    I am wise to ignore the darkness he cast in my eye
    the space is gravitating, his shine is captivating
    my twin in all encompassing forces of perception
    I must get the jewel for it's power shall gather
    all that is true, the light shall lather
    leaving the darkeness in latency
    hidden between the lines of divinity
    as my daimons shall bless the universe in assubjugate
    all things beyond and below shall indulge in my dreamscape.(N)

    It appears as the coming of an eclipse towards a star
    the jewel of emanon shines eclectically polar
    this jewel has been sought by both of these beings
    how amazing they both are fulfulling a dream
    imposing their scheme to change the universe
    their journey destructive as they fly and they walk
    as they use their abilities and intelligent talk
    the cosmos prove no match in progression
    the opposite forces mold broken transition
    stars follow their transgression for neither superior
    forming large masses, elemental forms, and floating meteors
    The eminent eclipse of the two forces iradescense
    closer and closer the jewel remains consistent
    in all the beauty and chaos they caused in the race
    the tryst has arrived they meet face to face
    the jewel in the middle, an equinox it seems
    what happens now I shall leave to each entity....

    (N) Hello lynx chaos
    (L) Hello Nature, you pawn
    (N) I see you still won't stop
    (L) your inclinations were wrong
    (N) the journey isn't over, you see what lies before me
    (L) Indeed I do, it is I the dark imagery
    (N) Why do you smile? so wretched, so foul
    (L) so weak you are, lets get on with it now
         but before I claim victory, hear me out
         I wanted to share with you my route
         with the jewel of descension I shall proclaim
         descend upon all light till none remain
         all the elements you hold dear shall darken in fear
         the water is black, the wind turns cold
         I'll keep the fire, for the earth it shall scold
         My being shall behold the night's imagery
         all the living shall fear or be feared I promise thee
         My eye shall shine to remind of my victory
         mass destruction and death I foresee.....
    (N) Lynx, your inclinations are strife
         But it is I victorious, you shall not suffice
         but as it is eminent, you shall fail
         the future is quite different (L) hahaha, do tell
         I shall behold my light, it holds what's right
         clear waters that flow and drift as in song
         fire for warmth shall do no harm
         the wind shall ascend as it's named by the jewel
         carrying beauty within all earth's grew
         Natural metaphors and similies shall shine
         smiling entities shall mimic mine
         the jewel of ascension to you shall defile
         within me, I shall despell you, the pendulum guiles
         my eye shall shine brignt a memoir of sorts
         it's contour shall support, life and much more...

    The two stared with piercing eye
    there the jewel lies steady
    within a moment as time stopped
    they battled into infamy
    the light, the darkness
    the lynx and nature
    polar opposites coming together
    they both reached forth without hesitation
    the jewel held still in anticipation
    the touch of light, the touch of darkness
    Emanon absorbed them both, what a finish
    ascension and descension, beauty and chaos
    they both sufficed and not, as neither subplots
    to this day it is not forgotten
    Nature and Lynx in the jewel became one
    each existing amongst the other
    unrelenting for they got what they coveted
    the sun and the moon we call their eyes
    the Day and the Night we call their disguise
    the good and evil, but to which do we surmise
    as truth in right and wrong, the jewel improvised.......

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    jademelissa74 commented on The Jewel of Emanon Subplots and Suffice..


    Two forces excel in repelling divide.. as hearts of two beat in rhythm, in harmony. Same time. Two reflective perspectives! The metaphor unites the divide as opposite kin and stand them side by side. DANG!!! This is simply PERFECT! Rating: DISABLED..... :))

    knight4696 commented on The Jewel of Emanon Subplots and Suffice..


    DAMN!!! VERY NICE!!!! :) Hell vs Heaven / Nature vs Lynx / Ying vs Yang - Yet together they are one! Awesome write!!! :) Ken

    Rygar commented on The Jewel of Emanon Subplots and Suffice..


    inclined am i traverse this divine, this poem of lines, this artistry in rhyme, this masterpiece of mind, leaving vessels far behind, symmetry exquisitely formed, something more then exceptional and beyond the norm, beautiful symbiotic prose, it doesn't get any better, but who knows.... awesome write guys..once again you transcend the mortal sphere and return with knowledge and light. bravo.

    DeepEclipse commented on The Jewel of Emanon Subplots and Suffice..


    Y'all got it. Y'all fuckin got it. Y'all are on that level. I just have to say y'all found such a harmony that flows so damn naturally. It is only natural that this piece would represent the two sides of a bigger whole, for it is just as how you both fliudly connect when reading this. [In route to find the jewel of ascension the lighted dimension I have always sought for attention] - hellova intro nature. Ripped it from the beginning. The whole thing is genius. The night against the day. Chaos against peace. Ascension vs. Demented. It is like you each are the doppleganger of the other. You have no idea the hypeness I get when reading a piece of this synergetic apptitude. It is like you both became........eclipsed. Fucking genius. And the back and forth battles between you two, loved it. Rating this a 10 would be an understatement.

    koolmom0 commented on The Jewel of Emanon Subplots and Suffice..



    When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

    John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA