I travel confused in four directions.....


  • nature
  • is adjacent to the sun and moon.....can life get any more creative

I travel confused in four directions.....

In satirical satire my fire consumes me
to incline the Sapphire jewel of my imagery
as snow falls it mocks the rain's gravity
held tight to the same circumstance's company...

You may not know what I speak when I write
for the rhyme ignites bright the coming of light
the metaphor I gesture is not for the sight
but the theory in relative dreams I highlight...

I feel passion and lust in nature's succubus
as it drains and dehydrates my being flushed
the blood thus rushes my face forever touched
by earth, wind, fire tamed water to hush...

I laugh to the sky, not knowing why
I cry tears of salted diamonds when I try
for the unseen revelations I comprise
are unique to my mind's agility in design...

When I sleep in simile I am like the dream
my power in scheme is a welcomed retreat
to see beyond the sentient version of me
into depths of cunning transcendent reprieve...

I only break this poem in stanzas to see
if one can gather varied parts of Kennedy
no form in myself, just a scattered conquest
I have lost all feeling in my thought, what's left?
this informal prose
this poem that shows
I am lost in translation, which way do I go?
Up seems to be down, watch me walk the road
to nowhere a brick wall blocks my flow
when I am water I freeze
when I'm wind I leave
when earth becomes me there is much to be seen
Fire beckons the burning of all I achieve
such random qualities and all are me...

I must find the balance in the midst of my chi
but I really can't have uniform company
this is my curse for all eternity
has been told in my dreams and nightmares received....

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TCpoeboy commented on I travel confused in four directions.....


I took my tyme and read every word to try to ride the lyrical content. i will be reading more of your work. good write!

jademelissa74 commented on I travel confused in four directions.....


Wow! The metaphorical content is sharp, almost "micro" ;) (To the naked eye) At face value, the flow of this piece is liquid-like, the rhyming is well appreciated and the scenes are vivid. You manage to reel in the reader and maintain a level of interest throughout the entire piece. Medicinal? Perhaps, indeed! A great piece that offers the night and day in one solid sphere.



=) , always the keen eye jaded melissa, thank you!

Musicmynded1 commented on I travel confused in four directions.....


I don't even know what to say,,,, this is really to heart with me,,, every word, every flow,,, I'm contemplating asking yourself, DeepE, Lynx or Rygar for some assistance in shaping a couple of my old pieces of work into the stories I need them to be, I believe that they are in the four directions you speak... lol...



Apologies for such a late response m&m, but I have been absent and/or neglectful since then. Thank you for stopping in and associating me with such genius

saskiab1971 commented on I travel confused in four directions.....


This is the first poem I REALLY enjoyed here on originalpoetry.com. I love all the things about this poem and somehow reminds me of my thoughts and my personal feelings. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. lol. Great work :)

DeepEclipse commented on I travel confused in four directions.....


There is enjoyment in broken rhythm. To be stranded leaves way for many possibitlities :) Solid rhyming rhythm man. The mockery of gravity, I watch as it takes flight through the scattered conquest. The poem reads like a maze. Sometimes I like to be without direction, letting me find the new perspective that the molded path wouldn't allow me access to. Balance to the unbalanced harmony. Love how this piece journey's my mind......



such a welcoming comment eclipse, you decipher expressions with the best of them, and your perception is always exact to what I mean...thank you for reading..

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.