• Fantasy

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    I had the pleasure of working with a man who would put Adonis to shame. I believe i wrote a mountain of poetry while in his employ:)


    You are like a fantasy
    Something only seen in a dream.
    There I can hold you in my hand
    And I know you understand
    You take my heart so tenderly
    Say sweet words meant only for me

    So pleaseing is the thought of you
    It makes me happy when I am blue
    And When I see your smiling face
    I want to tell you, but for grace
          I keep it all to myself 
         I can tell no one else

    About the way you make me feel
    They would not believe it was real
    How someone's smie can make your day
    A certain look takes your breath away
    That's how I feel when I see you
            Do other's know?
           I think they do

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    phatdaddee commented on Fantasy


    Sometimes a secret thirst is so sweet it is better left unquenched! The scent of that person, the way their eyes close when they smile or that sideways glance they give you that makes you think they might know what you're thinking, is all fire in the hearth! A healthy fantasy life is a wonderful thing when you finally get to experience the real deal! Thanks for sharing!

    scorpiankissd53 commented on Fantasy


    Yea...I know this feeling very you've poured your ehart into every line...Nice

    debb commented on Fantasy


    Fantasy is very nice, I like the way you wrote this also.

    Optionalsanity commented on Fantasy


    I like your work. At times it flows so easily that it is not until the end that you realize how much is really said. I like the idea that there is a writer out there that feels they can express themselves and not feel the need to bury the message in metaphor Another flowing rhythmic piece.

    Indigogreen16 commented on Fantasy


    This is a very nice poem. I llike the formatting used and the flow of it. Very nice...............................

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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