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  • Age: 40
  • Location: St. Germain, WI
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: US
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I've been writing poems and lyrics since grade school. It's been a passion that's seemed to help me all my life. Some of my writing are fictional and then there are some that are more true then not.
I also enjoy playing drums, acoustic guitar, and jamming with my brother, and friends. Sometimes, there's nothing better then hanging out with your best friends with a few beers, loud instruments, and alot of laughs.
Keep writing, thinking, and living...And always keep smiling.


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Its time to come back and bring this place back from the dead. What do you say??

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Hey Stranger!! How ya been?? Its been awhile. This stupid sight deleted everything for quite some time. Was extremely pissed. Finally got back on. Not writing as much as i used to. I think i got the writers blues cuz when i couldnt find my poems on here and some asshole i was living with took everything we owned including everything i wrote from the beginning so i naturally just gave up i suppose... plus i have a daughter now. But shes driving me insane. Anyways, time to get the clan back together and start writing again! Hope to hear from ya soon.

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Hey Matt! Just wondering how you've been, and I wanted to thank you publicly for all your awesome comments and interest in my work. You ROCK dude! And everyone, please read Matt's poem "Moons Float By" because I personally think it's amazing... oh yes and Whitecaps and Riptides is excellent as well! Oh and Candles and Ouija Boards! I could go on... So I will desist. Thanks again Matt your an amazing writer and I'm honored to be at the receiving end of your many eloquent reviews. THANK YOU!

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Hey Stranger, how are you? I posted a few new poems if ya wanna read them. where are your new ones?



Hey you! Thanks so much for reading my writings. I look forward to reading some of yours. You seem like a solid person. I'm glad to have met you. Please feel free to say 'hello' if ever or when ever. It doesn't have to be poem related. Just let me know every so often that you're alright. Your writings and your comments on my writings really touched me, and I want to make sure that you're keeping your head up, and finding a smile whenever you can. Thank you again for all of your thoughts on my writings, and for sharing a little about yourself to me with your understanding. If you are ever in Northern WI feel free to let me know, I live in Vilas County. If not, that's cool too, but do please stay in touch and keep writing. Thank you again. Matt

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

EyemMatt’s Poems (68)

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Title Comments
Swim 1
We Tried 0
Can Fly 0
Everything Spins 1
Intervention (part 1 of 3) 1
Humanity 1
Know Yourself 1
Heaven's Fallen 2
Routine 1
Farewell For Now 6
Hesitate 4
Reaching Out 3
I Remember 2
The Devil She Knows 3
Alone 5
Host 3
Possession 3
The Night 2
Alive 2
Moons Float By 6
The Saddest Angel 4
Candles And Ouija Boards 3
Last Call 2
In The Cold 3
A Chapter A Year 1
A Long Ending 2
A Disguise Of Lies 3
Climb To Fall Then Rise 1
Teachers Of Lies 1
Living Faith 2
Echoes 3
Unconscience Conversations 1
The Key 1
Wishful Thinking 1
The Fallen 1
To All Sides 1
Dear Old Friends 3
Summer Of 1884 7
Unforgetting Heart 3
WhiteCaps & RipTides 2
Too Long 1
Father and Son, Uncle Smiling 1
Dead Ends 1
Here's To The Woman... 2
Look Forward 1
Someone Some Day 1
My Father 1
Painted 1
Judas' Last Breath 1
Never Thought 0
Never Now 0
He's Quite The Clown 1
Crazy Days of Yesterday (Lyrics) 1
Letter Never Sent 4
Last Breath 1
Stand In Good Grace (Lyrics) 0
New Light 0
Drifter (Lyrics, based on 'Minus Man') 0
Some One Told Me (Lyrics) 1
Fall Too (Lyrics) 1
Fog (Lyrics to 1st vs.) 1
Rematch 1
Growing Of Day 1
Pointless Riot 2
Give Light 2
About A Girl (Lyrics) 2
Love's Suicide 1
Six Gone 3