My Fragileheart


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I wrote this about ten years ago. When I read it now, I smile because it is still my dream, My fantasy. That someone might love like me.

My Fragileheart

What everyone wants is someone to take all the problems and pain away.
     I know this is impossible to do, but that is what I want in you.

   Everything in my life depends on you.
You are the reason I wake in the morning,
     The anticipation of your call.
    The thought of having you near.
Trying to balance my heart with my mind,
While I hide my emotions.

Why is love so hard to obtain an or sustain?
I want to protect this thing,
I am scared it will fade away.
With all my power I am not sure I can make you stay.
We have all been in love before.
This time I want more.

I don't want this to ever end,
I don't want it to be plain or something I know.
I want an adventure that never ends.
I want to love you then the way I love you now.
I never want to get use to you.
I never want to understand why I love you.
I just do
      That's what I want to do.

Touch my body the way you touch my heart mind, my soul Let me be everything you dream about,
      All the things you want.
        Let's never say stop.

I don't know where it will go
You see I have never been there before.

Imagine this is a dream,
A fantasy you can control.
Make it everything you want.
I can not help but say yes,
Yes, this is what I need, to be in your dreams.

         But dreams fade away,
           And I want to stay.

How can I make this last for more than a day?
           My love I am so weak,
For you I would sacrafice all that I am,
            Or ever could be. 
No one has the right to ask such a thing.

           To give all you are,
          To be my everything.

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ansari commented on My Fragileheart


Aza, your poem is the epitome of love. i wonder whether there is any thing else to say. I could add several of your lines for quotations. thank you.

cousinsoren commented on My Fragileheart


An exquisitely passionate lyric, beautifully crafted with the correct monosyllabic aand dissyllabic words to espress deep, sincere feeling aand longing. . The yearning and pleading for asurance , the confession of love is a vibration that runs systematically and insistently through every lne and every stanza, The musicality id ntense. I suggest that Aza revisir the very long linnes and reduce them to not more than fourteeen syllalbles. Over long lines sound posaic ,and mar the musicality and regular metric quality of a poem. For feeling and creaivity, this is a very pleasant poem. My rating is 9+

DandyLyons commented on My Fragileheart


To be able to mold the perfect love would be a dream come true indeed! If we could only make a flawless love....

intramuros commented on My Fragileheart


wow! those words of yours are so heartfelt it sent chills down my spine.

jademelissa74 commented on My Fragileheart


"But dreams fade away and I want to stay." Ahhh, what a longing plea! I love this piece Aza. The passion in which you write every line is felt throughout the entire poem. The warmth, the desire, the realization is so well portrayed. Awesome job ma'am!

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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