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Searching for World Peace !

  • Age: 68
  • Location: Winchester, VA
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: United States
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I enjoy Writting poetry, taking Photos or vids/dvd + my third passion: Music !
I like hiking, bicycling, exploring caves or lava tubes, mountain climbing + more !
I like movies: Six, The Gathering, Time Changer, No More Baths ! ,An Angel for May, Race to Space, Spirit River, Same River Twice, Treasure Planet, Monsters Inc, Robots, Pirates of the Carribean(All), Walking Across Egypt, Scooby-Doo + more !
I enjoy reading, the Bible.
I love, to "dance", do crafts and yoga, too.


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Once again thank u....i am delighted that u understand where im coming from and that u liked my poem....THANKS!!

jesusfreake profile comment


Thank u so much for ur inspiring comments and I appreciate them so much....I hope to very soon have a chance to read ur awesome poems...

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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Title Comments
Trust 0
Reflections 0
I see, do you ? 1
Later, on Earth Day 0
Who are you ?? 0
City Streets 0
To: Digikuva 0
Peace 1
Ode to Fly 0
Is humanity on the brink ? 1
As God's children (Haiku) 1
Whose to blame on Earth ? 1
I (part 4) 0
Once 1
triangle 0
nowhere today 0
for a moment 1
kiss of darkness 3
Dolores is now, Three 1
Parenting Part 3 2
Floating 2
Dear Jesus ( Haiku) 3
plant love 2
Meant to be 1
Sandy 1
until... 5
dear Lord 2
what is human 2
to; you & I- always 0
Pause in Time 0
aphrodite 1
the light in my day 0
spirit of tyme 0
i- pieces- 0
(I thought) 84's the year 0
reaching in 2
Excert of Lover # 69 0
Thoughts..was it a dream... 4
Am I alone, in a crowd ?! 3
To: Nay In Love 1
We are..........
To: Ladybug Captain 0
Within Us All 3