I Saw the Sea Smile


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I Saw the Sea Smile

There is a petal that never learned to float

It never died it just adapted to its watery grave

 and it was forever sinking

It loved but no one loved it

It’s heart was fine

So it broke when it reached the black abyss

Its tears only contributed to its hell

Fallen life

Its beautiful pink colour was a mask

She was blue inside

Blue and bruised

Her loved ones suffer and she too carries their burden

Just a petal in the sea trying to make her flower move

Just petal the sea dies

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Doshima commented on I Saw the Sea Smile


A poignant poem about love, one sided, craving for genuine love but unfortunately the petal '' it loved but no one loved it''. Most of us are in similar predicament today, The loving,consoling sea image is thralling and good.

RHPeat commented on I Saw the Sea Smile


Leaning Into Mind //// In that distance inside your hands/ lies a greater depth of knowing/ that was born to the sea./ It holds the moon's reflections/ and the sun's bright glimmer/ as well as the turtle's hard shell./ Its width and breadth is unobtainable/ Its truth is the beginning and ending/ It fill the sky with cumulous clouds/ and the mountains with snow/ the rivers with rushing water/ It is blood that is water / and water that is blood/ and with the birth of child/ it was realized as human/ A thing unto itself that know/ who it is: stardust / from start to the finish./// A poet friend//RH Peat

gogant commented on I Saw the Sea Smile


There are smiles that go on for miles, and there is an ocean that catches the tears when smiles turn to stone. Very nice.......



Thank you and nice interpretation!

Olan01 commented on I Saw the Sea Smile


A powerful poem, my friend and its meaning, diverse. It has some many applications to the self and the world we live in. Love, peace and freedom, Olan.




angelchaser commented on I Saw the Sea Smile


You have such a way with words, I can only dream of writing as well as you. You capture so much emotion, I love your poetry so much:)



Thanks! I have read your work and i think its wonderful as well!

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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