A Poets Paintbrush


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    A Poets Paintbrush

    Damp with the silvery colors of words
    Its silver hue paints beauty upon page
    The poets images are beyond birds
    Beyond all human life, beyond all rage

    Paints the words that pictures fail to describe
    It strings all words into a symphony
    Poets have won the heavens with a bribe
    That is why they acknowledge all beauty

    An artists painting is feast for thee eyes
    One cannot smell, taste nor feel the image
    It cannot reach this point although it tries
    For the poets mind is a narrow bridge

    For the poet sees beyond all our sight
    Its as if our eyes are clothed by night

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    cutbanksam commented on A Poets Paintbrush


    Nice job of trying to get across that which is so hard to define. I love the ending.



    Thank you!

    Tigcateyes commented on A Poets Paintbrush


    This poem is quite interesting and thought provoking. I enjoyed it. The use of word imagery was wonderful and wholly effective. Good work and thanks for sharing.




    DeepEclipse commented on A Poets Paintbrush


    I always say I seem to speak better in poetry than in regular life. Something about it just comes across so much.......clearer. Sometimes it just isn't that simple. This poem captures that. Well written.

    PenofDarkness commented on A Poets Paintbrush


    You definitely have captured the realm of poetry! Please remember this: if you ever get, as others refer to: "Writers' Block"; just go back in time and read this poem. If, at first, it doesn't help you to break down that barrier in your mind--read it again and even a third time if need be. Once you bring yourself back in time to the era in which you wrote this, it will definitely open-up doors that are locked within your mind. Then, and only then, you will understand these words that I offer you. And who knows?...maybe this will inspire other writers as well... You definitely need to stuff as many poems as you have written into a folder of dreams until you approve of them all to be worthy of creating a book. Believe me, you will know when the time is right--kind of like when one knows which lover they want to marry! I can't wait to see how you grow as a writer over time, really!!! Keep it real and good luck to you in your future endeavors... Derek Lavis (PenOfDarkness)



    I really appreciate your kind words!!!

    hdmac commented on A Poets Paintbrush


    Good descriptive words. I can see images as the words come alive.

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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