The Star Beside the Moon


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    The Star Beside the Moon


    Lonely but not alone
    Skin of flesh and a heart of stone 
     As memories began to fade away
    I fall onto my knees begging them to stay
    I hear nothing but an echo from the past
    Forever repeating itself, something’s were meant to last
    And I know that distance will dies soon 
    When we finally realize we still sleep under the same moon
    Lost and then found, walked and then ran
    I forced you to fall into pieces so that no one can repair you...damn
    I knew my power, but how would I have known it was leaving
    There's no such thing as a heart that breaks even
    I need you to guard me and make me brighter
    I'm not beautiful but you illuminate me like a match to a lighter
    It’s like
    Destruction wanting doom
    Like a star beside the moon


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    blackfootlady commented on The Star Beside the Moon


    Excellent write I truely love the ending so very much,,,God Bless-Black



    Thanks a lot!

    RHPeat commented on The Star Beside the Moon


    Nice use of comparisons. Think more on the musical. Keep up the good writing. A poet friend// RH Peat



    Thank you, thats sounds like a good idea!

    nhorlandi commented on The Star Beside the Moon


    I like the last line "I'm not beautiful but you illuminate me a match to a lighter." For me the moon only becomes beautiful when there is a bright star beside it. Thumbs up...

    paula commented on The Star Beside the Moon


    I think your poem was a little deep for someone so young. But I did enjoy it. Very deep.

    ansari commented on The Star Beside the Moon


    Its a vivid expression in retrospection . I like it. thank you. a 10 from me

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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