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Don’t rate my poems unless you appreciate them. It is extremely aggravating when novices barge in and claim that they know me. I appreciate your comments; constructive criticisms help all writers, but please keep it clean. No writer likes to hear that their work is anything but second best! I am sure many diligent poets on this website can relate. Anyone who feels otherwise is a cowardly imposter and an abomination to the world of literature!

I am a philosophical nomad, and yes, my vocabulary is just as esoteric (if you know what that means). That is all you need to know, but you are so intrigued that you might as well continue reading. I wander this illusionary universe pondering its every detail, wishing the day when all will cease and I will finally feel tranquility within. Life is a cruel, lucid dream, yet at the same time it is exuberance to experience. One must free themselves from the cage of persuasion and oppression; breathe the air of self reliance and wisdom. I have no name. I am insane according to the general population, a mere folly of an artist with little benefit to the world's filthy expectations. Sodomy, gluttony, and money are the driving forces behind this archaic blue ball of nothingness, so I refuse to participate and act out my part as a classy, educated slut! Yes, I sound like a feminist, but I have my reasons. If you want to denigrate my intellect while taking into account my XX chromosomal make-up, it is your choice. Be an ignorant chauvinist if you prefer. Men have become predictable swine in my eyes. HAHA! (decent ones are very difficult to find)

I am a free spirit. Writing is my tool for expression, especially since none of you can read my zany, cluttered mind. It is an activity wherein I may divulge my deepest desires, secrets, and aspirations securely and without a doubt, artistically. No one has been able to decode my poetry, so I am not the slightest bit afraid to place it on display.

Everything is absurd to me: the religions, the cultures, the educational system, human development, societal rules, politics, and ethics. Humanity has decayed upon itself, so I do not spare much pity for this kind of self destructive behavior, especially if its origins sprout from a very avoidable indifference. Technology has dulled everyone's senses. Although it is useful, it has also flooded minds with carefree lifestyles, and an entry-way into the sybaritic pleasure of immediate gratification. Who truly works nowadays? People have grown more lethargic by the second. I say "Use your mind, or lose it". seems that people would rather rap about their "grills" and pick up "dimes" than read a good novel.

These are my beliefs. I don’t expect anyone to agree, and no, I seldom view scrutiny with serious eyes. That is a product of this universe. I will always be apart from the world of judgments and restraints. So here, I'll write my thoughts with the satisfaction from knowing that I could care less about what everyone thinks about me. I am articulate and well versed and I am quite proud of my grammar skills. Anyone would! Why not flaunt it? People make me angry when they feel the need to spit vulgar remarks at my work or persona like miffed snakes.

Story short: like me or dislike me. Either way, I don't give a damn. I am tired of being jostled around like an object of ridicule and contempt. Soon people will be sorry for their mistakes, because anarchy is alive and it is spreading. I like that very much. I do not feel the need to lash out at the people who have harmed me, because they will reap what they've sowed eventually, and I am sure you have guess by now that I prefer slow psychological suffering over quick deaths, especially as it relates to revenge.

One more thing: I am not a "human thesaurus." I am just a human being that was born with a broader awareness of the world’s more controversial philosophical viewpoints. I will humbly admit that I have my limits; no one knows EVERYTHING, so whoever dares to conceive of such an outrageous supposition is fit to be the blindest man in the world. I again must weigh stress on Einstein's commendable understanding that "information is NOT knowledge." Imagination is the key to limitless exploration of the mind's labyrinth of thought!! I hope my poetry will suffice in regards to stimulating your senses and in assisting your lucid epiphanies to pop open like little rainbow soap bubbles bursting in hot air. (the ability to toss metaphors into biographies is definitely a sign that you are smitten for the poetic experience)

Most writing is mimicked. Do not pursue mine or anyone else's talent unless you want trouble. It must burn like a welt in your mind. Writing is a timeless endeavor, so do not insult its creative power through guiltless replication. Mendacity is a vice; how funny is it that we only follow the seven ordained by that unscrupulous work of surreal fiction??!! (Yes...I'm referring to the Bible) I love the way in which it depicts all varieties of human insanity.

Besides English, I am also infatuated with the biology, organic/physical chemistry, metaphysics, anatomy, psychology, and philosophy.
I just love saturating my mind with decomposition equations and existential angst! HAH! I am such an aimless person...I scatter every which way without direction. I enjoy my disorientation; at least I can keep myself busy with it!


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Your fantastic humor is insanely sane! Crazy in your name relates the fact the world is backwards! If you ever decide to do standup comedy please let me know for i would sure hate to miss it!

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open my grave and let the sun shine in I am just a lost soul help me to grow, show me the way the way into your hear Oh, can't you see, how I'm dying I've got no reason to be proud, drink this water around me before I drown thanks for the add!

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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