A Cowboy's Day


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    A Cowboy's Day

    Dawn comes early and way to fast
    When a cowboy greets the day
    It's rise and shine no time to whine
    When daylights burning away

    He heads to the barn and saddles his mare
    blowing frost through his every breath 
    first the livestock to tend then more fences to mend
    and he's prayin he won't catch his death

    But it doesn't take long for the day to heat up
    and by noon the suns beating down hard
    Now he hopes for a breeze, and the shade of the trees
    and that hammock for two in the yard

    But the days now half over, there's no time to rest
    just a daydream is all he will spare
    load the tractor with hay baled just yesterday
    leave a flake in the barn with the mare

    Feed and water the cows and it's back in the saddle
    to finish the rest of his chores
    head up to the clearing, round the sheep up for sheering,
    if there's time he can paint the barn doors

    Not a moment spent idle, there's no time to waste
    no vacation or weekends to rest
    from morning till night, the sun long out of sight
    a cowboy gives only his best

    Once this day is behind him and supper is laid
    he pulls off his boots with a sigh
    though the works never done, he'll be up with the sun
    Thanking God for his beautiful life

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    bklynrizz commented on A Cowboy's Day


    As I read this I couldn't help but imagine it as a country song. Great job.

    lonewolf commented on A Cowboy's Day


    although I know longer have horses, or drive a truck, I will always consider myself a cowboy. This poem does us justice. You have captured the spirit of this dying breed to a Tee. Thanks for sharing.



    Thank you so much lonewolf. I have never forgotten that chapter in my life, and my respect for the cowboys comes from experience. Horses and trucks are a big part of the look lol, but a real cowboy doesn't need em. They are a special breed of man for sure, with a strong sense of values and the hardest working folks on earth.

    countrypoet commented on A Cowboy's Day


    I really love this and can relate to it.I have been around horses and cattle since I was 5 years old,but am not a true blue cowboy.This poem is beautifully written with smooth rhythm and so many simple truths about this life style.Thank you for sharing this.

    Moline commented on A Cowboy's Day


    This poem loves a cowboy. Wit as real thought bout real life.

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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