• Love


    Don't think. I know just what your thinking.
    Understand, we both share the same feelings.
    We found each other, and now we're scared.
    Jumped in this together, unprepared.
    These feelings we have, seem too real to believe.
    But these feelings we have, are real don't you see.

    Look in my eyes, hold my hand and have faith.
    Lead each other through the darkness, but don't anticipate.
    You understand who I am, broken and beaten.
    For you to hold me close, you did not need a reason.
    So much pain of the past, hidden deep in our eyes.
    I promise you this, together we survive.

    You opened up to me, for reasons unknown.
    Be comfortable with me, your never alone.
    I trust in you, to not steer me wrong.
    Deep within my heart, I know you could do me no harm.
    Whenever your scared, with feelings of despair.
    Just know in your heart, that I'll always be there.

    My beautiful Angel, with those beautiful eyes.
    When you look into my eyes, you see whats inside.
    You see me for who I am, and not who I was.
    This is the reason, I am able to trust.
    Hold me close, and please don't let go.
    Forever and always, with you I am sure.

    What you do to me, this undescribable feeling.
    I hope one day soon, to understand the meaning.
    That beautiful smile, on the most beautiful girl.
    Your beautiful touch, for me means the world.
    You mean more to me, we're more than just friends.
    You are my world, I hope til the end.

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    VICKYSPOEMS commented on Angela


    Great poem, I skipped a couple (will go back to them)but my sisters name is Angela, so I was interested!So fare every poem, that I have read of yours has been great, and so full of passion.You are an outstanding writer.

    Starchild commented on Angela


    Such a heartfelt poem. It allowed me to see your true feeling through the words that you have written.

    bforibus commented on Angela


    i was just preaching, to some of our colleages that we share the same emotions because we have the same heart. this poem is a testament to that. good job

    MelloMarieC commented on Angela


    WOW! this poem made my heart jitter..I can recall feeling this way about someone. It's an unforgettable feeling.

    HeavenlyAngel commented on Angela


    YES... I TOO!

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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