Just Imagine


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    Just Imagine

    They are the ones, who make us remember.
    Of a time so great, full of those simple pleasures.
    They make us believe, in lands far away.
    They give us a chance, to get up and play.
    Pick up a ball, and throw it around.
    Watch those two act, like a couple of clowns.
    These are our children, we brought into this world.
    A beautiful gift, one boy and one girl.
    Every morning, is a beautiful surprise.
    Because everyday, we get to look in their eyes.
    Just imagine, the two of them together.
    Out in our backyard, playing forever.
    We'll sit there and wish, that they never get older.
    Because we know one day, they'll no longer sit on our shoulders.
    But until that day, they can laugh, they can play.
    They can teach each other sports, cards, and board games.
    Together we are the ones, who get to teach them the way.
    So they make the right choices, and go to college one day.
    We'll teach them to drive, and we'll make them study.
    We'll watch them blow out the candles, at their birthday party.
    These are our children, we'll raise them together.
    So that one day soon, they'll be brother and sister.
    Their our beautiful children, our gift to the world.
    One beautiful boy, and one beautiful girl.

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    ansari commented on Just Imagine


    Its a wonderful appreciation of what you have. contentment at its highest. thank you it was a beautiful read. I loved every word of your poem, a tribute to the Creator. a 10 from me.

    nbosko commented on Just Imagine


    That poem was so sweet!!! I loved it. I have children of my own and I know your passion for your kids. A parents love is the best thing in the world. Keep writing, your great at it!! Natasha

    babygirl6606 commented on Just Imagine


    i really love it thats just how i feel about my three..2boys 1 girl.. they do grow up to fast and you always hate to see there getting bigger everyday

    WordSlinger commented on Just Imagine


    I really love this piece.

    mill6392 commented on Just Imagine


    aww that was so sweet. i love that. it shows how you really feel about your children. You seem like the best dad

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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