Candy Girl


  • Childhood

    Candy Girl

    Ya know this man, everybody knows him
    Hangin’ 'round the family, actin like ur cousin’
    Don’t be fooled, he ain’t there 4 u,
    Waitin’ on d’ chance, 2 get 2 your’ lil girl
    Tell her my, my, ~my.. ya so sweet
    Come we me princess, I'll give ya treats
    Right about now, baby girl is “feelin special”
    Not knowin ‘the predetor’, is ready to molest her
    Sumthn’ sick, is going in his head
    Waiting on you to trust him,~& he will proceed
    Offer something sweet, ala sweetie pie
    Shattered innocence, right in front of your eyes
    How did u not know, ~well, she never told
    Silence was kept, w/ a knife to her throat
    Know it’s a secret, between ‘him and her’
    He sealed the sweet lips of his candy girl
    Fast forward 2 the day, she goes back to remember
    twisted he must’a been, 2 have his hidden agenda
    He has no name, barely remembers the pain
    He’s rubbin up against her, like he’s got no shame
    Somethin happened, from that day on..
    Learned about somethin, shouldn't happen at all!
    He disappeared, she learned to cover the fear
    Been so long, don’t even seem like it’s real
    But, to move on ~you’ve got to look back
    She did nothin wrong, ~ it was not her fault.
    God settles scores, more than any court could
    Channels this energy, into something positive
    Now fshe feels the urge, to warn these little girls
    If it happened to her,it can happen to yours
    Don’t be fooled, cuz you’ll get schooled
    It only takes a lil’ suger, to get his candy girl

    Foley shame on you, breakn rules cuz u could
    Kinda like the Vatican, movin priest 2 our neighborhoods
    Well by the way, they got something in common
    With a friend of friend, who disappeared all of a sudden.
    They'll try to tell you anyway that they can
    they’re being violated, by “honest men”
    Did u know..1 of 4,
    Little girls get molested & u know that there’s more!
    Keep a close eyes, on your baby girl
    If not, you'll walk in life with a broken heart 4 sure
    Thinkn u might have failed her as a father
    She sees the pain in ur eyes, ev’ry time they meet hers
    But no, no, ~no... don’t be fooled
    Truth is not that easy when it’s happenin 2 ~you.
    All she wanted, was to protect the familia...
    As strong as It made her, she’d neva change a thing now.

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    ayanna2001 commented on Candy Girl


    goose bumps... awful truths, but truths none the less. it went deep, keep doing your thing because this was meant to touch people. hopefully some of those awful molesters to change their ways!

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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