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  • Love

    Show ME

    No words will describe, way I’ll make u feel
    without explanation, u know that it’s real
    Got an old soul, -spirit is free
    Heart is open, intinctively
    Never imagine, I'd do the things I do
    Have you screamin love, like, a crazy fool
    This’ ain't a game, ain’t ~playing w/ u
    A Mission so high, know I, ~ speak d truth
    Take my hand, the world will be ours
    Nothin but faith, creates new worlds
    Yeah, it’s unspoken, but I ain’t jokin
    Betta know by know, I’m down “&” smokin
    Be a power couple, build and grow
    Be a type of presence, steals the show
    A Peaceful existence, without resistance
    Is what I’m aiming for with lords assistance

    Look into my eyes, make a prediction
    Fall so fast, ya' loose all yo senses
    Stop with the guessn, make the connection
    Got good vibrations, with great intentions
    Make the sun shine, or I can make it rain
    Ya rollin w/ me, it’s a beautiful day
    Make ya soul sing, I’m a ~spiritual high
    Why you sitten there, watchin time go by?
    It don’t matter, what we been through
    Every night falls, dawn comes anew
    This is my heart, bleedn words 4 U
    Passion so strong, know this 2b true
    If your Soul is on fire..U know what to do
    Burnin desire gives u all the clues
    Show me promises, in more than words
    only through your actions, love will be heard

    See if u pick up, what I’m, laying down
    Feel it in your soul. Can handle that?
    Take care of yours, still, ~I always first
    Treat me like queen, like no other
    Know what I want won’t, settle 4 less
    Follow the signs into my fortress
    Need a type of man that's gonna be patient
    Got big dreams, high ambitions
    Betta keep up, or leave ya behind
    I wait for no one…got others in line
    And I'll go.. fly . Jus like that
    Whodini won’t believe ~I disapperd so fast
    Left 2 hang, U know what i mean
    Not my fault, just doin my thing
    Here if u want, I'll sing you a song
    Don’t wait, hesitate, or love be gone.

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    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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