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  • Age: 50
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: United States
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I've been writing poetry since i was a little girl.. Even when Roses were red, mine were always blue. My soul bleeds through paper & pen and these still water run very deep. I'm currently working on an album of Latin, electronic, hip hop..A dream of mine, a spiritual journey to put my poetry to beats. Spoken Beats... Through this site, I hope to read, be inspired, as to inspire.
My record label is conscious groove records, keep an eye out!! After reading these, my songs will be famiiar :)

~Spirit Rydr


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Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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Title Comments
Simple Beauty 1
Illusion 0
Trippy Dreams 1
Show ME 0
Economic Divide 0
Better Days 0
Your Eyes 0
Silent Screams 1
What do YOU Believe 1
Candy Girl 1
No Others Like Me 0
Enter The Dragon 1
One 0