Silent Screams


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    Silent Screams

    Hush baby, now don’t you cry
    did what she had to, to build herself a life
    Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide
    these silent screams keep fillin her mind
    Hush baby, don’t you cry no more
    she feels your love an makes her whole
    Now the same life she gave up now gives back
    these silent screams.. keep her on track

    All alone, in a decision she made
    a moment in time..she’ll never forget
    Feels it inside, but, can’t silent the cry
    Now has to deal.. with how to say goodbye
    Nothins right, it was your life, she could give -or take
    this is a road.. she tried to forsake
    such an innocent time, innocence was lost
    needs u to know -that a part of you is w/ her
    Though it may not b enough, you’ll have her heart.
    Said it was an empty feeln, to be with out you
    Sorry for the choice, cant be turned around
    decicions been made, can never undo, now-
    She can’t forgive ~the guilt won’t go away /
    took you for granted.. because of her own pain
    never saw or touched you, but felt you inside
    never felt love stronger that hurt so much, so…
    Your unspoken of, some things, one must try to hide
    ~she’s afraid you’ll see right through her eyes
    The Secret. Buried, so deep in her mind
    will surely one day -unwillingly rise.
    God help her -cry these tears
    she’s not strong enough to keep them all inside
    So much more of her came out that lonely night
    than all the bleeding tears, her body had cried.
    Lost n confused, don’t know who to turn to
    so she drowns the shame with no one to blame
    Can’t understand why she can’t numb the pain..
    Nowhere left to go, turns inside to promise
    She’ll fill her heart with HOPE, instead of this pain
    cuz she’s gotta feel somethin’, -anythin again
    She will make everyday count & will rise above
    Endure this lesson and will overcome
    So she wrote herself a letter, to help her let go
    take the tears from her heart, let em flow
    No matter what people said, why it was done
    she finally found time went on
    At this crossroad, gave herself a ‘voice’
    When she had nothin else.. still had a ‘CHOICE’
    Learned lesson of forgiveness, in the last stone turned
    Had the best of intentions, and with the weight of the world
    Gave up your breath, that, allowed her to breathe
    The promise of you.. is now her seed
    She’s been dreamin so long..bout these pictures of you
    That it almost seems as if you were just a dream..~but
    Knows you’ll be that angel.. flyin down from above
    She'll give you u ur breath back.. you will be born.
    You’ll never walk through life.. not seen or heard
    No one will love you.. more than this woman.

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    kmeadows commented on Silent Screams


    very emotional, very well written. I dont agree with the subject, but yet I dont disagree with your work. Its sad that she made the choice to take the breath away from the child for her own selfish reasons, but you wrote it honestly. You enable the reader to see what a difficult time the mother is having. good job!

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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