• Anger


    You won’t see me cry, no-
    Gathered all my fears,
    use them to make me fly, oh-
    Did you think I’d stick around?
    As you ran my spirit to the ground? wow-
    What side of crazy do you think I am?
    Think I’d take it, -cuz you’re the man?
    You had me mistaken,
    But I have awakened..
    U see, I’m silent, not stupid.!
    Popped a bubble in your delusion
    Ego..had u all confused..
    Thought I wouldn’t call you out, ~you’re a fool.
    I’m laughin, cuz, this is familiar
    Your sorries are so peciluar
    I gotto smoke to cope, feel any sensations..
    Honey, you confused me with your “playerstation”
    Now, I forgave you once or twice
    You did too which was ~.really..nice.
    But, when I tell you that I ain’t “growin”
    I ain’t talking inches.
    ...and definitely not talkong length your penis grows
    To cover “insecurities” wishes.
    I can’t even waste another breath
    Always a dollar short, day of the rent.

    I took back ”control”
    got satisfaction
    Observed a silent power,
    in non-reaction..
    I, aint your mama, don’t want drama
    Dance is over. ~Sing your song to karma
    I’m using your sticks, to fuel my fire.
    Heart is stone…now you're just a liar
    I’m leavin. No, I ain’t jokin!
    This time, your words broke me.
    Can’t pieces together shattered glass
    Pick up my heart, in times hands
    You denied me, of me.
    That’s all it really took..
    Start to build a case..
    For the courage to leave you.
    You ain’t a victim, grab all the clues..
    Call Sherlock Holmes, do what you gotto do
    Surrendering circumstances
    Are reflections of you.

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    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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