Conversing With the Stars


  • JAlden
  • After a couple years gone, I think it's about time I made a return. Time to upload some poetry.

Conversing With the Stars

O Galileo's sovereign joys,
Who deck the midnight sky,
How many look to you for truth
And ask the reason "why"?

I know you better, more than most,
I know you don't grant truth,
For you have been my constant friends
Through joy, and troubled youth.

I only have respect for you
Who twinkle through the night
You seem to gleam with merriment
You are both wise and bright.

But one night as I gazed above
I found that two were gone
And though I searched the tranquil sky
They left before the dawn.

For many nights I scrutinized
To find your missing friends
But though I tracked the dark blue sky
I could not make amends.

I swore to you I'd bring them back
Quite safe from any harm,
I knew that I'd remember well
Their sparkle and their charm.

And for a time I hunted them
On lands and in the seas
Just waiting for my sight to find
And then my hands to seize.

But time elapsed and this gained dust
I near forgot my oath,
Now nothing but a memory,
A dream, or maybe both.

I grew in age and I matured,
We still conversed, you know,
I often smiled at your ways,
Although your moves were slow.

Then one day as I walked about
I saw an angel pass
I knew that she was free from all
That's stupid, crude, or crass.

Her laugh was heaven, silver belle'd,
Her stride was dancing pure;
I know, dear stars, there is a point,
Of that you can be sure!

For then I chanced to see her eyes,
I know not what to say,
They were the two long sought for stars
But shining in the day!

How could this be, this miracle,
I knew these stars were bright,
But no contenders to the sun
They're only seen at night!

So dearest stars, I come to you,
To ask a favor, please,
To let the stars that found her face
Remain there at their ease.

They seem to be quite happy there,
She makes them glow so bright
She seems to do the same for me,
My darkest days grow light.

How can I take the stars from her,
And cause her not to see?
How can I steal her eyes away
When she took mine from me?

But I shall still protect the stars
As best as can a bard,
Though she may never notice it
I'll be her silent guard.

Yes, what? No, no, I'm not in love
The thought is quite absurd.
Then why have I been praising her?
That thought had not occurred...

What do you think, if it is so,
What if this love is true?
Just wait for her to speak to me
And then say "I love you"?

Ha ha! You jest! It cannot be,
I'll not move in too quick,
You urge me to just speak it straight,
Yet in your sky you stick!

Yes, what of time? You're just how old?
Long eons, more than men
So that is why you move so slow
The sky is just your den.

My time is short, but I can feel
Each second, minute, day,
I say that I should wait some time,
But you say "don't delay!"

My love will last, as will my soul,
And if this love is true,
It should not leave, even in death,
And even outlast you!

What is true love, I ask of you,
What purpose does it serve,
You may not know of everything,
But I know my hopes preserve...

You say it outlasts everything, 
But is one grain of sand
It does exist, but very hard
To find; I understand.

Perhaps I've found the single grain,
The diamond midst the dirt
This joy, you say, can be quite great
But can profoundly hurt.

This rarest gem must twice be found
By two like minded souls
But should the other lack this good,
You'll find an empty hole.

She is an angel, I, a beast,
Compared to her great sight,
I am phantom, nothing real,
Before her piercing light.

I'll hide away from both those stars
Who seek to break their way
They now stay dark within the night
And stay alight in day.

I'm in conflict, but don't despair,
I'll do this on my own,
For all should know the greatest path
Is always walked alone.

Oh well, you know my thoughts and all
My secrets, though untold,
You also see beyond my sight
And know what shall unfold.

I'm grateful for my time with you
But now the dawn draws nigh,
I wish you all my parting love,
Dear stars, I say goodbye!

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Whiskers commented on Conversing With the Stars


J, I have also conversed with the stars and loved them from afar. But you have enjoyed an impassioned dialog so far beyond what my mind could ever conjure. True creative imagination, superb! Blessing, Whiskers

When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA

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