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After a couple years gone, I think it's about time I made a return. Time to upload some poetry.

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I believe there is a reason for everything. This is not, as some people might think, an empty platitude, but rather the absolute, frightening truth. There is a reason for everything. To look back on life and see all the various paths I could have chosen that would have altered who I am on a fundamental level is enough to overwhelm me. Love has made me hopeful and idealistic, cruelty from others has made me strong, and poetry has helped me survive it all. I'm a psychology student and, if psychological typing means anything to you, I'm an INFP with a broad sense of humor, a strongly philosophical mind, and an unbreakable will when it comes to things that matter. I am extremely faithful to my friends but I am also highly selective. I alternate between appreciating the complexities of the human mind and trying to help others with their problems. If you need any help or advice, just ask. I may not have all the answers, but sometimes it just helps to have someone who is willing to listen.


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Well hello, my name is Brandi. And that's a good idea. But you should always try to write that way! Duh! That's what makes writing pretty. And I will check out your poems... Here in a little bit. I think that it's good to write in different ways though. Get's your expression out there that much better. Way cool. :) Ttyl.

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Nothing much right now. Just chilling out at school. What about you? I'm lacking inspiration... :(

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Hello. :)

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my names Monica.[:

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yeaa thats true but we have to stay up [: so whats yur name?

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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JAlden’s Poems (20)

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Title Comments
The Phantom and the Beast 0
The Artist 1
The Place I Know 0
Making Sense of Things 1
The Star Beyond My Sight 0
The Greatest Gift 1
Meditations on a Hillside 0
For Christine 0
Conversing With the Stars 1
A Quiet Nighttime Meditation 1
The Song of Orpheus 5
The Hall of Memory 6
Avalon 2
My Dove 3
On Life 2
The Dreaded Book of Nevermore 2
To the Sylph 1
The Olympian 2
A Lullaby 3
Your Eyes 3