A Lullaby


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    • JAlden
    • After a couple years gone, I think it's about time I made a return. Time to upload some poetry.

    A Lullaby

    O hush, my love, speak not a word,
    Your tears my love shall dry,
    For you are all, my sweetest dear
    Sleep now, sleep well, good night.

    The sorrows of the passing day
    Shall fade before your eyes
    My love shall wipe away remorse,
    Sleep now, sleep well, good night.

    The frowns of daylight pass away,
    My strength is yours to have,
    So let my smile touch your lips,
    Sleep now, sleep well, good night.

    I now must go, but love, take heed:
    I’ll always be with you,
    Through every sorrow, strife, and pain,
    Sleep now, sleep well, good night.

    Now drift away to dreaming lands
    Deep seas, and magic wood,
    In dreams you’ll find your happiness
    Sleep now, sleep well, good night.

    So rest in comfort, I am here,
    Let love your spirit fill,
    Just close your eyes, put out the light
    Sleep now, sleep well, good night.

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    jandh4ever commented on A Lullaby


    This poem is really good also. you do a very good job with words.

    GentleT commented on A Lullaby


    As bandit said how does someone your age capture this unless you have a younger sibling. You have captured the loving tenderness felt for an infant.



    The funny thing is my youngest sibling is only four years younger than me, and I didn't have very much to do with singing any lullabies that I can remember. I just thought about the basic heart behind the basic lullabies (namely: "Hush little baby, don't say a word.") and then tried to build something else around that basic format with a repeating end. I do love kids, though. They are the future....

    bandit1192 commented on A Lullaby


    I could envision you holding a newborn and softly singing this sweet lullaby. ( wait, you're only 16 ) How have you been able to capture this private moment so perfectly? You write as though you are much older than your years. Well done. TS

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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