His Christmas Wish


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It is so easy. Just turn around.

His Christmas Wish

You needn't wait til you've crashed headlong
When you've hit the skids and it's all gone wrong
You can turn around long before you must
Jesus waits for all, giving Perfect Trust.

You needn't buy new clothes or a shiny hat
He will take you now, no matter where you're at
Who can you say wants you, no matter what the stain
He who follows you and always will remain.

You needn't reach the pit, only filled with black
He will pick you up, healing all your lack
With a gentle touch, pleading silently
Celebrate My Birth, Son, Come home to Me.

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BlackButterfly1 commented on His Christmas Wish


I love this piece because your message is true. No condemnation, He just wants us to come to Him. "You needn't buy new clothes or a shiny hat He will take you now, no matter where you're at." A beautiful reminder of the kind of God we serve.

ApaqRasgirl commented on His Christmas Wish


that was beautiful, a very nice piece of inspiration for us all.....loved it......great write dear.....love asha

bluewolf commented on His Christmas Wish


“I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter.” ~Winston Churchill A bit of humor, as often (at least for myself) I wonder if God shakes his head, takes a deep breath and says, “Here she comes.” If he does, that is all right. With this my heart is assured that not only does he recognize me, accept me-he loves me despite all that. Such love is amazing and perhaps one of the reasons there are those that have difficulty accepting God. It is overwhelming to be given such unadulterated love.

FitzHouston09 commented on His Christmas Wish


Amen! Praise His name! So many times we think we have to get ourselves right before God can use us when, in reality, He can use us right where we are, at any given moment. Thanks for sharing!

Freebird commented on His Christmas Wish


This really sroke to me and touched right where I'm at in life. I know now just how fulfilling that relationship can be. Good stuff, thanks. Tracy

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