She Lives!


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Princess was missing for 5 days and 4 long nights. She was on prayer chains to save her. She came home over the fence. She had a large hole completely through her upper thigh out her lower leg. She had been impaled on perhaps a branch. The damage was extensive. She could not have lived, let alone make it home, over a fence, still bleeding. If proof of God is needed, bask in this! I nursed her back to health. In 4 days she was nearly good as new! Believe in Miracles. They are real!

She Lives!

               She was
Found on the road
Abandoned by all she'd known
Impossible, you say
Yet still she had no home.

            She has
Brought every joy
Many moments of bliss
Such softness I feel
No thing better than this.

            She is
Beauty, Perfection
A collection of sighs
All coming through
Such lovely blue eyes.


            She was
Gone, just as sure
As the days setting sun
Too many days passed
I was completely undone.

Til prayers were answered
Now I'm breathing her in
Death had unleashed her
She is alive once again.

             She is
Love's truly soft hand
The way she caresses my eyes
Just seeing her face
I feel my love rise
My miracle true
She is all my surprise.

             She gives
Life, light and wonder
Without even a try
Like Lazarus, living
So she did not die.

              She is
Forever my heart song
Touch and you will feel
The softness of a rose petal
Yet so much more real.

              She is
My Angel, My Precious
My Princess, is she
My Siamese kitten
Love's promise to me.

Kim Ferrier
copyright: May 2010

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BlackButterfly1 commented on She Lives!


Oh how lovely. I had no idea you were talking about your kitten until the very end. Nice surprise and nicely done. I'm glad your princess is okay!

WordSlinger commented on She Lives!


I really love this, yes I believe in miracles, this is heart grabbing, :) ty WS



Kind words from the master, Thank you. *bow*

Stryx commented on She Lives!


A fine tributre to one which is more than merely a pet. Nice job.



Exactly, Stryx. Thanks for dropping by.

rsalassi commented on She Lives!


I share your joy over her recovery and thank you for sharing this heart-warming piece with OP.



It is an honor to receive your visit and your opinion, sir. Thank you.

Hampton commented on She Lives!


I have had two Siamese and one Burmese cats in my lifetime and they are the most fascinating animals one can own. Very nice write...............Hampton



Thank you, so much Hampton. You know exactly where I'm coming from. They are so precious. Thank you for taking time to drop a line.

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