My Prayer To You


My Prayer To You

Holy Spirit, whisper a signal
Giving me Favor with each Word
Let me soar free as the eagle
Not just as as little bird.

Make me like a mighty oak tree
Not a flailing blade of grass
Teach me, while in the Fire
Even this will pass.

See me stand like a mountain
Able to bear even the wildest storm
Let your Joy flow as a lovely fountain
And under Your wings, keep me warm.

Hear me Praise You, from depths unknown
Consume my life that you have paid for
Grateful, Peaceful, Joyful I've grown
Help me realize, I need no more...
                    than You.

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rippeyrip commented on My Prayer To You


It's you I'll thank for that even though....I'll thank you both

Marsink commented on My Prayer To You


So very good to read edifying poetry from a sister in Christ. Saw your comments on Am2's site and thought to greet you in the Lord. His blessings upon you and yours



Thank you, Marsink. God's wonderful blessings on you and yours.

jesusfreake commented on My Prayer To You


just so beautiful.....this poem is so beautiful and i am loss for words....He is an All Consuming Fire...and i love him so much. I can tell u do too...this was so...beautiful and wonderful. Thank you

swiftbird2C commented on My Prayer To You


A moving prayer. Me thinks the HS was your muse. Hopefully this will come throuhg into to others as yhey read this.

magoogle commented on My Prayer To You


Lovely, gentle heartfelt words, and no notice was taken of spelling as that was not the point of a gentle reader.



Hi Loren. Didn't know that was you. I made as change on this poem so people would stop thinking it was wrong. Hope it helps. Than You not thank you. I enjoyed you rpeom and remeber when you wrote it.



what spelling error? am a proofreader and there are none/ Thank you for your comment

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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