My Hands Tell a Story Part 1


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    • life is not a dream, people would say. I confused my reality with my dreams. Isan't that a bad thing? I don't really think so because deja vu really happens, its true

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    this is true....

    My Hands Tell a Story Part 1

    My hand is scarred burns of when i was born.
    I was consumed to belive that i was burned with the sparks of a pot.
    But my truth only begins.,...

    I was burned by light. My hands coul tell. I have wholes in my face.
    But my skin is no tell. My hands do a dance. When a story I do tell.
    Is how I know myself so well. My fngers sing a lullub when i type those words. But when i look at m hand. Does it say its own wordz?

    Black spots all over my hands. Does it even know why it hurts when it dace? The black spots are a disease that I carry. Some say I'm a monster by the look of my face. Some say I'm a creature cause of the scars on my body. No one can take me infor who I am.

    When my hand dance. Its a lulliby. Every word I type. Is another line, another day another scar. When will it end? Pain runs threw my hands. They tell a story with that pain. The dots are just a burn from when i was born. The eyes of my skin type the next word of my beginning. A new story. My Beginning....

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    samstone1977 commented on My Hands Tell a Story Part 1


    This was interesting. I think you meant could tell on this line t. My hands coul tell. . Good meaning. The structure was a little different in my eyes. Overall- not bad. - Sam



    thanx! i like trying new things. And I did mean that thanx!

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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