Calling for Help


Poem Commentary

This poem was based on a book I read called: A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer.  have read the book you can relate this poem to it.

Calling for Help

Alone and scared
As i cower in the shadows
Awaiting my punishment
Remembering the way it use to be
Love fufilled the air
And smiles larger than our faces
But now in the cold I sit
Praying to God to ward me from evil
School is my safe haven
Name calling im use to
No one knows the secrets I have
The pain I hide
The tears I shed
Someone help me
My mommys gone crazy
I just want to yell
Tell it all
The truth
No more lies
If only my mommy still loved me
If only I were good
If only I did what I was told
If only she would kill me
End it all
Stop my suffering
Mommy I can not take your games anymore
I love you mommy
I know you do this because of the booze
Teachers ask questions
I tell them its my fault
Mommy I am sorry I am so bad
I deserve all the beatings and torturings
Mommy just let me die
So I can be free
Mommy I am sorry
I will make you proud some day.

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