• Pian


    Pain is only a thing in the mind,

    Something that really can be beat.

    Don't give up or turn and retreat.

    Just keep your head up and you'll find,

    Life's easier when the past left behind

    Is better than the road that's incomplete.

    Promise me that you won't accept defeat,

    Instead you'll stand up and live for mankind.

    Ask that of yourself to live your own life,

    Never abandon your hopes and nightly dreams.

    Look deep into your own heart and find strength.

    One day you are sure to make a great wife.

    Life is not always as bad as it seems,

    In the end every thing's in arm length.


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    lonewolf commented on ?PaIn?


    to go through being abandoned, and all your other pains, and still be able to write words of inspiration..... only shows the mark of a true human being. i applaud you.

    Marsink commented on ?PaIn?


    Very nice! It could well be called, Inspiration Slaps Pain. A good remedy to find strength from this piece.

    Kaiprin commented on ?PaIn?


    I enjoyed the positivity of it and the "against all odds" mentality that your work expresses. Nicely done.



    I worte that pain to a freind who just did not know how to be honest and stop doing what he was doing... later on he thanked me for it when he finally understood what I was trying to say because he did hurt me

    inkmaster commented on ?PaIn?


    nice write........a good read...deep words for your age....inkmaster



    Thank you so much for your comment I appreciate it I write poems every day but they are all about how I feel and how I live and what I have been through.. yes I know I am young but I have a great mind and a passion for poetry. Again thank you. Feel free to read more of my poems...

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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