I lost you


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    Poem Commentary

    This is to the only man I have ever love. I believe in destiny due to him

    I lost you

     I lost you today
    I lost you yesterday
    I loose you everyday

     Even though you are gone
    My memory will never fade
    My heart will never grow weak
     You are with me each time I speak

    Even though we had to part
    You are the love that is held within this heart
    My soul will always keep you
    This I swear is true
    I will always will be in search of you

    In this life and the next
    I wish you the best
    Your are the better part of me

    My words evade me
    My heart even angers me
    Why must I feel this way
    No longer can I say
    What you will always mean to me

     I have cried oceans of pain
    Felt sadness of it all
    No longer do I want to fall
    I reached and searched for you
    I pleaded for you to come, close to me

    Your promise, I did believe
    With you my pain was at ease
    Maybe I was the fool

    My heart was so easy to believe
    I felt what you said

    I thought my search was through
    You held me that night
    I felt things were so right
    Then you went out of sight

    I flew over the mountains
    Just to be with you
    For you said" I was your queen"
    Never did I think you would leave me
    I still wonder to this day
    Why wouldn;t you stay

    My heart only feels this lonely pain
    Even if my heart could scream
    Could I ever get through to you?

    Before I sleep at night, your always in my mind
    This love that I hold silently
    Shall never leave quietly

    I know you were the only part of my soul
    I can never again be whole
    I am no longer one beating heart

    You took half of me the very day you proclaimed your heart

    I just pray I live a second life
    Our time is not complete
    I saw the love held within your eyes
    As if I was your surprise

    You said its to late in this life
     Next life we shall be

    All I can say, pray, and wish
    Is to see you in my dreams

    To believe my dream will be one day

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    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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