You are my Star


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    You are my Star

      You are my star, within these skies I see,
    Oh so bright, with your gleaming shining light

    I hold you dear within my eyes

    Your love shines into this unknown mind

    From you I cannot hide

    I have sat in this world untouched by every soul

    How is it that you can reach it all

    Your eyes tell it all

    You have made me reach for you at last

    On these cold lonely nights, I roam, Wishing upon you, Impossible it seems

    Its so strange to see

    What you have made me see,

    What you have done for me

    You out shine all the lights of the night

    Nothing compares to your grace, your heart, not even space

    What I would give just to see your face

    You are seen from skies afar

    Your warmth brings light even to the coldest times of this life

    The nights where I stay alone, I am now never alone

    I sit here, waiting to be loved by you

    All I can do

    Is to gaze upon you, wishing, and wanting to be noticed by you

    As if a black hole is near, with its intentions made so clear
    Your power only draws me near

    I have been awaiting you, lost in darkness

    Until you come here

    My soul has been so touched by you

    In these nights of gloom,

    I see your face, I get lost within space

    We are but trapped in this moment of time

    You’ve caught me, I cant resist you this time

    I live each day to feel your touch
    I look bright and wide eyed, wanting to live by your side
    I will adore you for all time

    Searching for you, within those deep, darkened skies

    Life has now showed me a surprise

    How I wish for you so,

    I long for you to be my own

    Yet, I stare, waiting, wanting you to be near

    I adore you with every moment that I have given a chance at life

    I’ve got so many words to say

    Even if you never take me away

    This dream, I hold forever waiting for you

    Just the thought of you drives my tears away

    I have wished upon you my star

    Is it a crime to wish?

    Upon you the one who has brought meaning to my life

    To hope that I am within your sight

    I am struck by your light

    Could it be that you are looking back at me

    Am I to be held within your mind

    Oh bright star of the night
    Show me what you hide within your light   

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    thecross commented on You are my Star


    A tale of devotion and affection, hoping and wanting the mirror of emotional reflections shows through here



    I fixed it up, think its better now

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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