Journey to My Inner Soul


Journey to My Inner Soul

People often ask me why I say the things I say, or why I act the way I do, so today I want to take you all on a journey with me to see what lies beneath my skin. Into my inner soul and I shall show all what has become of this once loving child that is now a cold man.  I look into my mind and see a place barren of all things living, like a desert in thewinter time cold and dark with no life able to be sustained.  I follow a small path to a cave, the entrance seems to fall into the earth like a never ending pit, where lost souls come to live.  I walk down the jagged steps, that seem to crumble beneath the weight of my steps. I come to a platform and from here I can see what looks to be a small field with a single tree that is about to be in full bloom.  There is a blue light from an unknown source and it bathes the tree, protecting it from the darkness that surrounds the field.  As I walk in the grass I notice that it parts as Iwalk toward the tree. I come close to the light and feel it touch my skin it is like a blanket that wraps around me, and it feels like I'm standing over a nicely made camp fire.  I walk up to the tree and study it, the closer i look the more i notice it seems to have faces in the bark.  I look closer and see its m when i was just a child, i remember that day on the play ground, everyone was picking on him and I stood up for him and made them stop.  I was happy then and the face had that innocent smile only a child could have.  The next face i seen was one with an evil smile, this was when I was in high school I had just finished writing a letter that would change my life forever, one month suspension and a federal record for 7 years, I'm glad that is over with, I think.  The next is a face that seems to be in great thought. I remember this well I had just be shipped to Iraq and im thinking of what to write on my letter if something where to happen to me, this day was one that I shall never forget.  The next face is one that has a single tear falling on its cheek, I wish I could have this one removed, Its the one where i decided to take the easy way out and sell drugs to make a living, I remeber the shame and pain that I caused my family. The last face I see seems to have smile much like the fist one, This is the day of my wedding, God has giving me a new start, with a loveing wife and my children.  I take a step back and a flood of emotion rushes over me like a damm had just burst and I was a small rock in its path.    Then i notice a hole on the other side just big enough for me to fit into. I step inside and see a wonderful room, smooth to the touch and in the center is my soul, a image of me filled with all different colors and he looks me in the eyes and starts to speak.  I listen to his word's " From the innocent child, that you once where loving compassionate, and warm, to the troubled youth, alone, scared, hard headed, to the wicked man, evil, cold, dark, and unbelieving, to the new father happy, wise, simple, and understanding.  I have walked with you and now I finally get to tell you this is your path, stay on it be strong and I'll be strong with you.  Forgive yourself for you past and let it stay the past, think of the best future and rise above and beyond it.  I will be here if you need to speak again my friend all you need to do is look inside."  I open my eyes and feel at peace with myself once again, Thank you God for showing me my inner soul. 

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dahlusion commented on Journey to My Inner Soul


"Forgive yourself for you past and let it stay the past"—powerful!! Regret is uselessly spent energy. Deep wisdom in this piece. Peace and Light, Dah.



Thank you for the great comment, and yes it has taken alot of energy to forgive myself for some things but I will never forget.

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