Prayer of an Old Soul


Prayer of an Old Soul

This is a prayer that I give to you not by the normale person but from one born many times before,I've seen many things in this life of mine from people getting shot and dyeing to hearing the sweetest sound of a newborn crying. I walk these streets everyday looking for the ray of hope in the coldest eyes and reach a had out to show them the way. I ask you God to give me strength to live my life for one more day to help people see the world through the eyes of this old soul that wants them to know no matter what happens in life youll always be there because most eyes are cold heartless and dont know your right there. Everyday you call to me to find more people and bring them to you. I dont collect and ask nothing in return I see my life through the people that I help and the word of Thank you is payment enought to know that I have a place were my whole life was started right next to your side looking into your eyes. I remeber the day that my life changed the sound of the impact then I opened my eyes and to my suprise I walked aways not a scratch wondering why I was choosen to be saved that day. Then you came to me in a dream and told me its not your time in the image of my great grandmother telling me live my life and let them know my soules to old but i have a long time to go. If you ever wonder is there something out there that plays an unseen role in your life this old soule says this pray for you each night. Dear God as I plan to rest my tired head let me live to see the light of day for one more time im not asking for an eternal life Im just asking to see my loved one for one more day and if thats possible give them this the blessing that they will live there life with no fear of evil because I'll take it all on me and make sure my sisters daugther grows bigger each day, and let the woman that raised me to a man never come acrossed evil hands shes taught me everything that I know and I hope that I never have to see her go. Also let the man that seeded me know I am never mad at him I just hope that when we meet he knows the kinda man that I have growen to be. To my soon to be wife I pray for this just to receive one more kiss and that will give me the strength to walk this earth and deal with all the hate people are bringin. To all my friends and the people that I meet in life I want you to know not to be sad if I ever go becasue I've been gone for along time before but my body was taken over by my Lord I live through him and he gudies me and I hope that I've showen you that there are still good people that can live life and help others when they have nothing in there life but these words and I need no money, fourtune, or fame becasue when Im gone people will still remeber my name. This is a prayer of an old soul I dont want pitty or even remose I want people to reach out and help each other and know that there are people out there that will jump into the fire to help someone even if it means getting burned and thats who i am and ill never change and Im glad that God has given me this power and my name.

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chadallac74 commented on Prayer of an Old Soul


The gift has been given... thank you. In my prayers too I feel an old soul speaking to the Lord... to the people I pray for I too have so much thanks.

everlastingjoy commented on Prayer of an Old Soul


amazing testimony..God is so great! His is changes, fills and inspires. thank-u for sharing

cynthiakehl commented on Prayer of an Old Soul


nice work! no pity 4 an old soul, but some 4 the lost ones :)

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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