The Last True Warrior


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    The Last True Warrior

    He looking into the water to see his reflection and gasp, has it been this long since he’s stopped to enjoy life’s wonders. Age seems to have passed him by, the hard lines that should be there from time, aren’t to be seen. A single tear falls from his deep brown eyes, like a penny nail dropping in an empty room. He has come to the realization, that he’s the last one left of his kind. He smiles and kneels down before the lake, finding comfort in the reflection, for at this time he feels he’s found a friend. Looking up to the sky he sees the stars, and longs for the day that he can return home. Lost in this shadowed world, he walks; never finding the path he wondered from many years ago. As he looks closer at the reflection, his mind begins to wonder. To a time when he was a younger man, wars raged between his kind, and the new people of the land. Now he feels sadness for his people, and longs to see those tan faces, he once had known before. He then turns away from the lake, and walks back to his painted horse. The last of the great hero’s looks towards the sky, and says,“ I’ll wait for the day that my hands once again, are joined with that of my fellow brothers. Do not cry for I’m at peace with my life, for I know as long as your spirits remain, I will be free.”

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    bluewolf commented on The Last True Warrior


    Such a sense of longing, yet a soul filled with strength and courage through which to overcome the obsticles placed before them. To walk hand-in-hand with nature, her presence a soothing companion by your side-a peaceful reprise from this world of unending stress and fear. Your words awaken the dream of running with the wolf, a Shaman’s gift of freedom, if but a short time; one that is treasured in my heart. It is true-as long as one holds the memory of those we have lost they are never truly far from us; a gift of imortality, this love we give to family. Beautiful words shared with many thanks to you for doing so.



    Thnk you im glad that i can show people the pride that our people have for one another.

    WrittenJustice commented on The Last True Warrior


    its rather surprising to find such color and vivid honesty within such a small peice..job well done!

    sammia commented on The Last True Warrior


    I liked the story behind this piece. The flow and wording is nice. Paints a great picture for the mind.

    kage commented on The Last True Warrior


    sure is a nice story i like it good wording and the flow is great ya done a good job on this one

    JadedJezzabel commented on The Last True Warrior


    very poinant...i like it

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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