From The Ashes


From The Ashes

The battlefield laid empty, and the ground was covered, with small fires and ash.  In the middle of the field, lies a body, riddled with holes and charred from the many bombs that has been dropped. It gets darker, and the body begins to move.  The body begins to heal on its own, and soon we see a young man, cold dark eyes, brown hair, tan skin and a eerie smile on his face.  I look around the battle field and all I can remember was the last bomb to be dropped, my heart seems to race as I look for signs of my unit, in the area.  I pick up my rifle and began to walk to our regroup point, only to find its no longer there and everything is burnt around me. In the middle of the field, was an old radio, so i picked it up and reported in.  A strong voice came over the radio, saying " Welcome back soldier, good to hear from you report to the beach front one mile to the south." As I walked to the beach front I noticed the stars where shinning like diamonds being shifted through sand. As I neared the beach,  I was engulfed in a bright white warm light. Next I'm standing in front of a large table, a man sitting at the head of the table, tells me to have a seat.  He smiles and then starts to speak " I have been watching you for awhile now, and from your actions I have an offer for you.  I want you to join my Army, not this is not the Army that you have known, It is the highest Army ever known to mankind." I stop and look around the room and notice, that everything seems to have a soft feel about it, and i smile.  I  ask " What, do you think i can bring to this Army." He replies " I have watched you since you where a child, and have seen your Kindness, caring, and respect for mankind. My child I want you to become on of my most valued Angels, with your heart, and dedication I know you will make me proud." I look with shock and smile and with a nod I feel a tingle in my back as a set of wings come forth, they are long white and black feather with silver streaks running through them.  I look at my hand and in it a sword from which I have never seen before, the blade forged from diamond, with the etching " From the Ashes, rises the one to protect all mankind, a fallen hero, reborn to bring peace in every walk of Life and Death." I kneel before my Father and with a smile I say " Thank You" he smile, and say " My child, there is nothing more that makes me happier, to know that i have a place for all my fallen hero's in my Army.

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Artie commented on From The Ashes


Very good!! I enjoyed this all the way thru - 10 from me

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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