Please Don't Do It!


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This is dedicated to a fellow OP poet; I want you to know that your life is precious; you matter! It is disheartening that you contemplate suicide; it concerns me; I wanted to reach out to let you know people care. I wish you well! I hope you find the help and support needed to make it through the difficult times. Have Faith! Better Days Ahead!

Please Don't Do It!




Thee breathless flesh

Leadeth to more than an unbeating heart

Tis blood flow no more

Through thine sacred temple parts?


Self extinishment of the physique

Is not a remedy one should seek…

To escape the chaos and temporal turmoil

Anatomy astray lies in soil...the spirit remains left to toil.


Body and mind roiled embroiled

Merciful soul cries out, 'too much laid upon my table'!

Dear Lord - help me! I know you’re able!

Oh God! Please be with me - when I'm unstable!


My precious child I know your plight

I brought you darkness beckoning you'd find my light

Shall my words fall upon you as trite; My Promise—

To love and protect with all my might!


You my child must never give up...

I have plans for you -- drink from my loving-cup!

Dam the devil with his luring dub - Suicide by Choice...

The pernicious voice be snubbed - Choose Life Rejoice


Cherished one, the dark abyss is not meant to stay

Self-annihilation is not the way; it slays the soul I must convey.

I know you're filled with such dismay

The almighty will decide your last earthly day!


When suicide seems like the only possible solution;

A symbolic death 'Egocide' perhaps enlies the resolution...

In the amidst of a spiritual revolution; Hold on—

Your creator has endowed you with a strong constitution


Usher in a positive psychic transformation

with devoted prayers and self-determination

the persona(the mask one wears, tied to social roles);

images designed to cope - to feel somewhat whole...


The true-self longing to be in control

Yearning for freedom upon it’s extol

The taking of ones life is not a divine goal

Remaining behind will be beloved mourning souls –


Behold the chilling choice enfold

Mourners knew the signs foretold

Weeping salty tears; sad ending ones life; no more to unfold

Could someone at least try to cajole “Please Don’t Do It!”





















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ListninEar commented on Please Don't Do It!


Wow! That was very, very touching....your love for people and for choosing life echos out as a plea to this dear one who is struggling and in pain. I'm going to add this to my favorites. I am a therapist and I just attended a dear friend and mentors memorial service today. He did not end his own life but lived a full one worthy of everyone's passion filled comments. His memorial was a celebration of his life and the gifts of wisdom and love he passed on! This poem touches me on so many levels.... I deal with people regularly who are trapped in this place of torment and I'd love to pass on these words. It's like you found a way to express my thoughts through your beautiful poetry. Thank you!



Hello ListninEar I am so touched by your kind comments. I don't consider myself a poet. I was browsing the OP site and sense a fellow brother/sister in need of some inspiration and support...hence my words came from the heart...I feel the heart is a place that affords every fellow bother/sister an opportunity to tap into poetry...what comes from the heart reaches the heart. Your comments touched my heart and I thank you for reaching out and sharing your comments, especially about your friend's memorial service - the gifts of love and wisdom are life's greatest gifts - Cheers to your friend for he still lives on through you and all the lives he touched. Peace, Love and Light - Kancki

TinaD commented on Please Don't Do It!


This so needs to be said! I had no memories of my grandfather...or so I believed. He shot himself when I was very young. I was taking a powerful spiritual psychology class in which we listened to each other's family histories and then the class would create a play about it which we had to watch. They chose the history of my grandfather's suicide. Amazingly and a total surprise to me I began sobbing uncontrollably. Because of this experince I pried into this history a bit more from the elderly people in the family. I found out that as an infant I was his favorite grandchild and spent hours on his lap. I now have only one memory of him. Being tiny, and dressed in a white pinafore, someone pulling me back by the clothing while I screamed at the funeral..."I want to kiss jaja! (sp? grandpa in polish) This repressed memory was confirmed for me by an elderly aunt.



TinaD - Thanks for sharing this bittersweet history. Such memories and energies remain with us waiting to be recognized and resolved; though children may not have the cognitive skills to comprehend the magnitude of such events at some level, the spiritual level being one...the imprinting is left. Hence the tears to help release the anguish. It's so disheartening that a person becomes so tormented physically, emotionally and/or spiritually that they commit such an irreversible act-the taking of ones own life; the wripple effects can be felt for years, as your comment is a testiment. I'm sorry about your jaja, and I do know what that means...LOL; I have polish family members too. When you have sad feeling about your grandfather offer him a prayer for his peace. Peace, Love and Light.



Tina, WOW!!!! What a sad, sad story!

StandingBear commented on Please Don't Do It!


Kanicki, a fantastically unselfish write you've created, sending an SOS message that hopefully helps this person whom is at rope's end. I've written one after the fact, where i'd attepted to help a friend, though I failed. It's titled *And Only One Bullet* Bear



StandingBear ty you my friend, I tried my best; when the pen fails me I just write from my heart. StandBear, read me dear one, any act of kindness can't be consider a failure; perhaps a failure on the part of the recipent not to recognize and heed the message; that much beauty resonate with such...LOL.



Just read StandingBears "And Only One Bullet" and am left disturbed and saddened for the one for whom there was no hope. I appreciate both of these writes and hope and pray that they touch others and just maybe keep someone from taking their own life.

Qualin commented on Please Don't Do It!



stellar commented on Please Don't Do It!


wow...striking originality of style, kind of of a kind...Congratulations for crafting this amazing poem...^_^ v



Stellar - I wasn't such where I was going with this as far as style; I suppose I just let it flow and come from my an attempt to help a fellow travler. ty for you kind comments. Peace, Love and Light friend.

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