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My name is Meagan, and I'm assuming you're aware of that by now. Thank you for visiting my page. Feel free to send me a request. I love meeting new people.

I breathe. That might just be the only thing the two of us have in common. Allow me to begin by clarifying one crucial fact. I am not here for you. I'm not here for anybody but God and him alone.

I am my worst enemy. There is no such thing as an escape from myself, only exile. I've grown, I've learned, and I've moved on. I'm not happy with my life, but it's much better than it use to be. By now I'm certain you've drawn a conclusion on who you think I am, but don't be misled. You are just another person with a wet painting.

I don't judge a person by what they voice out. People will say anything. I look at what they have done. Deeds will not lie.

I find myself a burden on this earth even if my soul dwelled far down in the depth's of the Arctic Ocean. I have strong opinions and a lot of them so hopefully you'll never find yourself getting mixed up in the wrong conversation with me. In that case I can be bitter. This is not me being conceited. I like to call it bona fide confidence. I'm not sorry if I don't fit your criteria.

I come off as a girl with a lot of hostility, but what I write on this website only goes to a certain extent. You will never know the real me.

Meagan Lynn Northcutt


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Happy Holidays All the best -Marion-

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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