Hold Your Vows


Hold Your Vows

In this world it is okay to cheat,
So many think they won't feel God's heat,
People try to get away with their adulterous acts,
Give reasons and their own opinionated facts,
No one wants to give honor to the vows they themselves have taken,
Secretly listening to the voice of satan,
His voice says to go another,
Forget the commitment to your lover,
The tears can cause a rain storm that have been shed,
Because so many people have let themselves be mislead,
My story is meant to show others that they reap what they sow,
And what will be reaped will bring many down low,
It's not okay to go to another place,
To creep around and bring disgrace,
If people could look in their significant others' eyes,
Ask themselves if they want to live with those lies,
If everyone could stand by their spouse's side,
Let God be their guide,
In their marriage they could invite the lord,
Pray for the three way cord,
Deny the everyday temptation,
In doing so there will be salvation,
Marriage is a gift from above,
Please do not forsake your spouse's love.

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ginga commented on Hold Your Vows


BrokenHearted, My response is Amen sister...you are oh so right on this account. ginga

BlackButterfly1 commented on Hold Your Vows


This is a good message to all those who are married and to those of us who will get married. It's true. We often forget how sacred the vows really are. Thanks for the reminder.

Sourbaby commented on Hold Your Vows


you do a great job of pouring your heart onto paper. keep it up. iam not saying cheating is ok in anyway,but alot of times the ones that cheat is some form of rejection and lonliness. and when one turns to someone else for the desired comfort,emotions do take over,as i said thou iam not saying cheating is ok in anyway.personally i think the best way to prevent cheating is more communication and affection between the partners

jjjjjjj commented on Hold Your Vows


This happened to me a yr and a half ago by someone who called himself my best friend. He told me God understands we married the wrong people 20 yrs ago. We were dumb and made mistakes.It was his way of making cheating ok. I finally realized he was not mine to love because he'd taken sacred vows with another.Bottom line..It wasn't right. I was forgiven by God and my life has been so much brighter. You do a great job of cleansing your heart by pouring it out on paper. Keep it up..

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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