My Daughters


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    My heart was broken by my kids' dad and my ex-husband. I sat in the darkness of the pain for way to long. The light was always shining on me, yet I couldn't see it. My daughters loved me, when I was unlovable. They continue to smile and laugh and bring joy to my life. I have made my fair share of mistakes, but through it all I have been blessed. I was crying about my divorce and acting out, and a friend said to me, "YOU DON'T KNOW LOVE UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN LOVED BY A CHILD." I was like yeah whatever, and I took it for granted. It's true I think, you don't know what love is to you have been loved by a child. My children's love is so unconditional and forgiving, and I love them more than I have ever loved anyone. So here's to them the lights of my life. The light at the end of my tunnel:)

    My Daughters

    My daughters I know now are heaven sent,
    They are the most perfect presents,
    The world stops to enjoy their smile,
    They are so fashionable and full of style,
    Maybe I never really knew love,
    Until God sent me my daughters from above,
    I hold them and give them all that I can,
    Help them when they fall by lending them my hand,
    Time marches on with each new year,
    Watching them grow always brings a tear,
    They are my hope, my everything,
    I can't express the joy they bring,
    They are my sunshine on a rainy a day,
    When I look at them I know everything will be okay,
    So here are some words to express how I feel about the two most beautiful girls,
    To tell them they are my whole world:) 

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    BlackButterfly1 commented on My Daughters


    Awww this is so very sweet. I haven't experienced motherhood yet but your poem makes me look forward to it. Very nice.

    imalwasymused commented on My Daughters


    "They are my hope, my everything, I can't express the joy they bring, They are my sunshine on a rainy a day, When I look at them I know everything will be okay," These lines made me fall in love

    FordLove commented on My Daughters


    You have me thinking of my girls now.... Great right. Your poem put me in a happy place.

    duty commented on My Daughters


    There's so much joy to thank the Lord...... As you look upon their face....... These Angels are your pride and joy.....Blessed with love and grace.

    FranzJ commented on My Daughters


    having 3 daughters myself and seeing them with my wife - I feel every word in your story - thanks for sharing

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