In Love With A Lie


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I write about the pain I feel and wonder how many people have walked this road. A road that you feel so many emotions, but they all feel like one. When you love someone who no longer loves you, and then you can't let them go. However to face them again would not be the answere, the only answer is to let go.

In Love With A Lie

People tell me to forget you,
Your friends tell you not to contact me after all we have been through,
My heart bleeds every time I think you are with someone new,
I try to stop bringing up your name,
I feel a hundred different emotions, but they all feel the same,
My broken heart won't let me let you go,
Our unstable history every one does know,
I can't talk to you now,
Even if I could I wouldn't know how,
Why can't I accept your goodbye,
Our whole relationship was lie after lie,
You left me for another,
I thought we could count on each other,
I ask if you would leave me if you found someone better,
You went silent before you answered me further,
Then you lied and told me, "No",
Of course after that lie you broke up with me for your ho,
Some silly twit,
Who won't understand you one bit,
Why did you bother to waste my time,
When you would turn on a dime,
Go listen to your friends who know so much about us,
Make a new relationship with the twit, do what you must,
Tell them all the horror stories you can about me,
How I hurt you and wouldn't set you free,
Although it kills me inside to walk away,
A hundred emotions with nothing left to say,
I couldn't stand to be with you anymore,
I never wanted to see you again after you shut that door,
Listen to you lie to my face about your little whore,
I felt guilty to make you tell me goodbye,
But I can't live in a relationship that is lie,
I hate that I still love you,
Oh God, I really do hate to love you,
I wish I could just forget,
That way I wouldn't have this much regret.

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Sourbaby commented on In Love With A Lie


you couldn't of put the words more perfectly. nicely done. it is hard to do and say but you will move ahead and go on.brings me to the theory of people come and people go,sometimes we often ask ourselves why a person was brought to us,leave us and taken from us,the people that come and stay i think is because we need them and they need us,the people that leave us is a lesson learned or to be learned,and the people that are taken from us isn't just to make us cry and feel hurt,but because they did their time here on earth,and are needed for a much better task in a far away place,and to give us the strength to do as needed no matter what the situation may be. when i say leave us,i mean by walking out on us and taken from us i do mean by death,even thou i know that poem is not about death,and i completely understand it.absolutely beautiful!

littlemisspiggy commented on In Love With A Lie


i really like this poem. its so true how could the one who says i love fall in love with some little whore that comes and gives it up. letting go is the hardest part to u want to and u say u do but yet u just cant

BlackButterfly1 commented on In Love With A Lie


I can feel you! "I feel a hundred different emotions, but they all feel the same." I feel you on this!!

ginga commented on In Love With A Lie


BH, I reeally think that writing thi poem maybe gave you some sense of relief. You stick to your morals and realize the pain but I must say you will move on. Great personal write. ginga

Chaos128 commented on In Love With A Lie


Emotion and logic never mix. It's a speed bump we all hit at one time or another. Nicely done.

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