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My life has been sad lately, and I feel very alone. I walked a sinful path, and now am paying for the deeds I have done. My heart was broken, and my dreams shatter. I hope the two poems I present to you open your eyes to both sides of the coin. Also, they were both frogs, the one was married and the other cheated on me with a girl in a mental hospital. Yes, you read that right, a mental hospital. I don't know which one of us was more crazy. However, I can help but think it was him.


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Starting is the key. The words will flow and before you know it the hurt will go. I understand what you are going through.

spbsdude profile comment


It is sad to see one so young have her heart broken and dreams shattered. I did a few years ago, and the healing process is helped by getting your feelings down on the page. Hope you find gentle healing through the writing process.

wildpendigus profile comment


Just keep writing and you'll master this art!WP



Master the art of writing? I'm confused, writing to me is not how well words rythme or are put together, it's things of the heart. You have to look for the heart and reason why something was written, not how well it is written... Dang, saying that makes me feel old! lol! Well, guess I am getting older, not old, just older! lol! Don't ever take anything I say in a put down way, I really don't mean anything bad, it's just me and who I am. I honestly do look for the heart in things, writing, heck, I'm better at math! lol!



@oldgoat, writing is a personal form of art or expression however, the best part of this art or this craft is constantly conforming it. No your poem doesn’t have to rhyme all the time yet a consistent scheme make it flow easier and easy for memorization as well as delivery when read or heard. I find myself a bit serious about gifts we have.



I do agree with ya, I just really look for the heart in things, what's behind the writing. I have never considered myself a poet or writer, I just put feelings on paper because it's such a great emotional release. To me, the art of poetry is not in the writing, the art is a release of feelings hiding in a heart...

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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Title Comments
Let Go 5
A Crush 1
Waiting For An Answer 2
Creepy 3
Question 2
Endless Fall 2
Men Are People 26
Final Words 11
A Gift to Mankind 6
Together We Say Goodbye 6
Your Wife 9
No One to Save Me From The Dark 5
In The Beginning 3
You And Me 1
My Daughters 7
Lonely 4
Don't Leave 2
The Sounds of a Broken Heart 4
Regret 7
Twisted 7
Hold Your Vows 4
Love's Bite 3
Shame On Me For Being With You 11
The Kiss's Coal 2
You Reap What You Sow 5
In Love With A Lie 5
My Story 5
Warning 2
Leave Me 2
What Do We DO? 3
Goodbye and a Smile 3
Adultery's Shame 4
The Sound of No One 3