• Anger


    Flagship sinking fast
    Always running on dead legs
    Running from the past
    I will kill
    Not to come in last
    I will kill
    In general
    As I swallow this pill
    Oh the pills
    All one needs is the shade
    Pulled over the eyes
    Just to be who I am
    In my dreams
    Full control
    Powerful soul
    Finding hidden meanings
    In everything I see and hear
    I can't say what I've got in my mind
    The words are blurry
    And the sounds are crude
    I was born with the wrong attitude
    Now tell me how do I go on
    With everything crumbling around me
    I refuse to be anyone's support
    Because I know eventually
    The weight will get too much
    And I shall fall as well
    No more
    So be a sport
    And get the hell away from me
    I will crush the world
    That doesn't agree with me
    And all the crutches are hitting the floor
    I understand that none of you understand
    It comes with the territory
    Its the law of the land
    So take us all by the hand
    And leave us
    It won't make us happy
    But it sure as hell
    Will make us evolve
    So really is the issue here
    There is something to fear
    We are not in control
    Is this a battle for our soul?
    Smile in defiance
    Defy defy defy
    Deny Deny Deny
    Find the hidden grooves
    Mathematic stimuli
    You decide when you live and when you die
    Rise beyond the dead hills of devastation
    Mass publication
    Find the world that exists
    Outside the lines
    Know it, feel it
    Become it
    No one knows
    But yourself
    For sure
    and you'll be fine
    For it's something that I demand
    For it is the law of my land

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    blvdobd2009 commented on NOTE TO SELF -


    It can be hard sometimes to find a writer who can relate to your exact emotions, in a way that is unapologetic, I have found confirmation in your words to do what I want and to hello with what the world thinks. I LOVE your imagery and your defiance simply brilliant.... "and get the hell away from me and I will crush the world" I love this boldness..:GREAT piece



    Thank you very much. I'm just like you, like everyone else. Lost alone, no better than anyone else, fighting to understand, fighting to get our head right.

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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