Sacred Scarcity


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If God is in the Middle, and The Devil is On One Extreme, Then I Am On The Other!

Sacred Scarcity

I Have No Power Yet

Nothing But My Seething Hate and Disgust

So as I Sit Here and Stare

Infesting to Inject

The Drugs Flow Up Through Me Everywhere

I'm Just Waiting to Break Through

To Bring the End to All, Us, Me, and You


I Will Bring the End to Every Hell

And Devour All Hope, It's True

The Angel of Death Shall Die by My Right Hand Bled

Strangling Life's Breath, The Ground Will Bleed Red


I Am the Killer, The Killer of Dreams

I have No Wish to Silence Your Screams

But You Know The Screams Are Yours You Have Wrought

I'll See All You Each Dead and Never Think A Second Thought

I Am the Killer of The Angels of Death

I Am the Taker of Hopes and Your Dreams

But Soon All That Will be Left

Is the Sound of Your Screams


Life is Nothing

A Motherfucking Waste of Time

Just Fuck Off

And My Vengeance Will Find You Soon Enough

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connsk8 commented on Sacred Scarcity


So much anger and bitterness and hatred too perhaps, too young to give up on us all, things can change and get better, we are here for you..have you met Tenderpoison? I think she could relate to you and you her, it can't hurt anymore than it already has...

susanismith commented on Sacred Scarcity


When I read this, if you don' t mind me saying... I didn' t take it as substance abuse... you know what they say a every reader will take it in a different perspective. This is mine... I saw inner demons trying to consume what good is left... someone who's been disappointed time and again and is filled with rage and self destructive tendencies... someone with loss hope... so much animosity maybe even heartbroken... if that is not what you intended, I apologize, that' s what I took in... A very deep read...Thank you.

AChance commented on Sacred Scarcity


Dont pity yourself, Its not becoming. I've danced in hell, And I find it stunning. You offer a blade, I offer a vein. Decisions to be made, more filthy stains. You said yourself you have not the power, I also assume not the means, drawing near is the hour, and you are off playing in DREAMS??? So much to learn, nothing is as it seems. But soon you shall burn, so you can finally be "clean", This may hurt, for some one not as hallow, So when you taste the dirt, remember-just smile and swallow. -------------------------------- A. Chance

Phatom commented on Sacred Scarcity


Gorgy imagery, trully tells a tail of how substance abuse can lead to grim outcomes, great one, and if i am incorrect please set me on the correct direction....

When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA

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